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Jazmyns surfing prezi

No description

Jazmyn Valdez

on 29 March 2013

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Transcript of Jazmyns surfing prezi

Surfing is the nicest feeling ever Surf 4ever
By: Jazmyn Valdez Keep calm and surf on You need to try it out Surfing is the awesomenest thing ever Buy one and surf Balance so you can surf will get it in no time The surfing video Surf 4ever
By: Jazmyn Valdez Beginning Surfing Wetsuits Surfboards Balance To surf you have to have balance.....sometimes it's very hard but you can get it in no time. To balance while your surfing is to look straight up and stand up on the board and just concentrate on looking forward. Never look back only if your a pro. But the thing is try to stand up with your foot in the air and try to balance, don't talk just focus on looking at one thing. There is many types of surfboards.... there is Short boards,Long boards, Fun boards, Single fin, Retro fish, Weed whacker, Hobgoblin. You can usually buy them at any surf shop or the Goodwill. There usually really expensive at the surf shops .....if you don't have that much money then go buy one at the Goodwill. Wetsuits are perfect for cold weather. In California it's very cold so you would probably want one. Wetsuits are sometimes really comfortable. They keep you warm if it's way to cold to go surfing. Get one that is comfortable for you, that you can paddle in the stand up. That's the major thing you need to remember, or else you spent your money for nothing. You can buy wetsuits at surf shops, Costco, and the Goodwill. Beginning surfing is really hard when you try it.
It's scary but fun at the same time, you might get wiped out a couple of times. But just shake it off and keep on trying. When I first went surfing I was really scared but i stood up for the first time. It was really fun. Before going surfing stretch a little so you don't pop a muscle or something. If you don't feel comfortable just try next time,
and you will probably love it. You should try it when your at least 4 or 3 years old. Well, have a good time surfing and feel the salty cold water in your tan skin. You
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