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J.P Morgan & Co.

This company specializes in commercial and investment banking.

rashed islam

on 17 June 2011

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Transcript of J.P Morgan & Co.

J.P Morgan & Co. Early Life/Education attended British English school graduated from University of Gottingen exposed to capitalist ideals at an early age by his father, Junius Morgan. at the age of 16, Morgan worked in behalf of London's bank. introduced to finance and banking by Duncan, Sherman & Co. Who was this person as an individual? John Pierpont Morgan banker/capitalist contributer to society bailed out America when the country was in debt created one of the world's largest banks in the nation. What was the person's job/career/profession before he/she became an entrepreneur? accountant; working under Duncan, Sherman & Co. worked for London's bank,
at age of 16. What time in their life did he/she make a mark on the business world? during his mid-30s he crossed into the world a place where men lie cheat steal the threshold and gamble your life Welcome to Capitalist Democracy opened up a company
with Anthony Drexel. Interesting Information about his life funded the Edison Electric Co. Business Description second largest in market capitalization finance retail/commercial banking consumer banking credit cards the company services in 100 countries and all over the nation over 200,000 employees working for J.P Morgan third largest domestic base first largest hedge fund in the U.S Business lvl of Success the company holds about 2 trillion dollars of assets Major Competitors How did the company grow and become so powerful? creating banks throught the nation providing bonds for individuals Plans for the future provide loans to people offer financial sollutions help the nation prospure fullfill the reputation of being
the nations trustworthy bank Did the company face obsticals? Companies under different names railroad companies industrial companies workers wages strikes However, he resolved his problems by
owning railroad and industrial companies. Why is the company famous? it provided financial opportunities for American's. Work Cited Page http://www.financial-inspiration.com/JP-Morgan-biography.html
http://www.pbs.org/wnet/historyofus/web10/features/bio/B14.html owned 70% of the steel industry worked at a bank in a young age Name: J.P Morgan & Chase Co. business started with Drexel Morgan & Co. after Drexel's death,
Morgan took over
and named it J.P Morgan Products/Services Mortgage insurance Size/Location Employees money issues No, but J.P Morgan did! advertised throughout the media of business company founded in 1799, at New York
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