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Catfish Media Plan

No description

Jennifer Abramsky

on 3 July 2013

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Transcript of Catfish Media Plan

Interactive Media Plan: Catfish
MTV Audience
Online Advertising
- Easily generate buzz for the Catfish premiere

- Provides opportunities for immediate consumer interaction and has specific targeting options that make it more engaging.
- Rich media and high impact ads are highly interactive

- Allows for targeting by a wide variety of factors to make each interaction as effective as possible.

- Target audience spends most of their time online. People ages 18-34 are the most active online (Mintel).
Capturing Katniss Everdeen
Paid Twitter
*Create curiosity amongst non-viewers
Jennifer Abramsky
• Drive tune-in to the premiere of the second season of Catfish

• Build show awareness, excitement and spark online conversation

• Activate and engage existing fans and grow the social fan base
"The MTVN viewer is more open to engaged by and willing to recommend advertising messaging when compared to all other broadcast formats."
explorers & adventurers
early adapters
engaged consumers
Engaging in a multimedia, multitasking during TV viewership is relatively high, notably among older teenagers (aged 15-17).

Teenagers are most likely to simultaneously text (55%) and browse websites on a computer (42%) while watching TV.

Younger teenage boys and girls spend more time watching TV than their older counterparts. (TV ads geared towards younger demo and digital towards older)

*Mintel Reports- Marketing to Teens
Marketing Communications Plan
Social Media
Promotional Events
& Partners
Brand Influencers
& Online Advertising
Our Audience
P 12- 24
Strategic Value Consumer
the young millennial 14-17
Katniss Everdeen
"DIY Learners" and leverage YouTube videos and niche online communities
Consummate brand managers
“digital latchkey kids"
Paid Social
Television Promos
Paid Social
- expand messaging beyond current fans in order to increase fan growth and brand affinity
- help friends of our audience and potential fans discover Catfish
- Promotes when friends like a page. We can promote page likes on the newsfeeds of non-fans. Because of the infamous riveting content of MTV shows, this may spark the curiosity of non- watchers.
sponsored stories...
sponsored story costs
$10,000 per day- Tuesday, June 18- Sunday, June 23

$20,000 per day- Monday, June 23 - Tuesday, June 25

TOTAL COST: $100,000

*encourage non-users to watch first season
We only pay for engaged tweets! Money well spent
Total Twitter Budget: $50,000

*target by device (heavy mobile)
Tuesday, June 25th
Big Brother: 9pm on CBS
-3 x 30 second promos promoting tune in at 10pm
- attracts an older reality- junkie audience

16 and Pregnant: 3:50pm to 7pm on MTV
- run #catfish hashtags in the scroll/ ask Catfish questions directed towards Facebook
- after-school time slot

Princesses of Long Island: 4pm on Bravo
- catches those 14-17 year-old reality-junkies in the after school time slot
- 3 x30 second promos promoting tune- in and drive engagement

Pretty Little Liars: 8pm on ABC Family
- wide audience of 12-24 year-olds
- drama filled show
- perhaps run a Catfish integration if possible
- 3 x 30 second promos

Chopped: Teen Invasion: 10pm on Food Network
- Drive audiences (presumably those who flipped on Chopped and got addicted) to tune into Catfish and tweet @ us for a chance to win a prize
- geared toward older demographic
& wider reach
Yahoo.com is a popular site that is easy to share on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. This sharability is an important part of our target market, as they are very social Internet users. Yahoo.com also scored very high on both Quantcast and Simmons for the target market, with a 54% reach to our target audience (Quantcast, 2013).
Buzzfeed.com - Mobile
According to Quantcast, Buzzfeed.com's mobile site is the 7th most visited page on a mobile device with 4,470,617 monthly people. BuzzFeed''s content has a high tendency to become viral, as it is frequently shared via social media.
This is another blog style website, which is valuable for our social Internet users. It also reaches 23% of our target audience online (Quantcast, 2013).
- interactive rich ad garner a wide male reach: integration Manti Te'o scandal
*niche TV placement will drive engagement to catch the attention of this hard- to - capture demo
*engagement will foster fandom via various hashtags,
interactive social media, and an exclusive app that
attracts the technology saavy target
Engaging and Impressing the SVC
- Using Aurasma, the leader in augmented reality, Catfish can create a unique and unprecedented way to connect viewers

- Audiences can download app, and before commercial breaks, are instructed to take a picture of themselves using one of the frames (clown, monkey, etc.)

- After commercial break, users hold up their phone to the screen, and are able to see the thousands of pictures taken of fellow Catfish fans
...think of it as our own little Catfish!
For a week prior to premier,
ads would run promoting the Aurasma "surprise," Grouper promo, and drive traffic to social

*promote teasers and content & contests
GeoTagged Grouper Promotion
- in the cities where Grouper exists, we will partner with this start up dating site to run a Twitter contest

- Catfish would sponsor Grouper dates to a few, lucky, eligible winners

- This contest would run before premiere and during the run of the show

- WOMM for Grouper & Catfish (swag, acquire new eyes for both platforms)


Online Ads

Paid Social



Out of Home

Pandora/ Hulu

Media Tactic
$ Media Investment
1 week, pulsating
2 MM
Total Span
First Episode
Total Span
Total Span
Year Round, pulsating
total: 3.8 MM
Total Span
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