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Geography of England

Presentation for our P2P trip to Europe

Nick LeTourneau

on 8 December 2010

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Transcript of Geography of England

Geography of England Flying in! What You'll See from Above Rolling Hills Anything from.. to Beautiful Cities On the Ground Expect to See.. Thriving metros Modern Structures The BIG city As
explore Keep on looking.. The countryside The views A "stroll" by the sea It's not all LAND Spectacular... Inspiring! It's All Unique! From This.. to that.. Even... This! We
Remember For
The Trip
Lifetime! Get Ready... 50 Days!!! And by the way.. The map First, the stats.. And Use of land 30% = Farm Land 21% = Urban living 36% = Grassland 8% = Forests 5% = Water & other The Big Rivers <--This way River Severn- 220 miles River thames - 215 Miles River Trent - 185 MIles Now... The BIG
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