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Avery Konzel

No description

Stephen Spizarny

on 28 November 2017

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Transcript of Avery Konzel

Assassination of Frans Ferdinand
Avery Konzel
Archduke Franz Ferdinand
December 18, 1863
June 28, 1914
Sophie Chotek

Princess Sophie of Hohenberg, Prince Ernst of Hohenberg, Maximillian Duke of Hohenberg.
Home Town~
In spector of general Army Royal Prince of Hungary and Of Bohemia
~ Married to Sophie Chotek in 1900
~ Ferdinand Children were counted ineligible for the throne.
~ his uncle Austro-Hungarian Emperor Franz Josef refused to go to the wedding.
~ Agreed to attend a series of June 1914 military exercises in Bosnia-Herzegovina.
~ One of the biggest out breaks of World War 1.
~ a secret revolutionary Society began plotting to assassinate him.
Franz And Sophie Departed their estate fro Bosnia-Herzegorina on Juen 23.
~ Got many letters saying cancel the trip
~ His Axeles on his car over heated
~ Arriving at Sap a twon few miles outside of Sarageouo. BusniaHerzogvin. Ferdinand attened two days of military exericises while sophie attened schools and orphanageds
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