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No description

Melanie Middleton

on 19 November 2015

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Transcript of Wonder

shy, self conscious

"Whatever you're thinking [I look like], it's probably worse" --Auggie, p. 3

"I know I'm not an ordinary ten year old kid"-- Auggie, p. 4

"What's the deal with your face? Were you in a fire or something?"-- Julian, p. 29

As human beings, we should be kind to one another, no matter what we look like.
Time: Present Day; Summer

Place: North River Heights, Manhattan, New York

"I live in North River Heights, which is at the top tip of Manhattan." -- Auggie, p. 5
Man vs. Man: Auggie and Julian are in a conflict because Julian bullies Auggie.
"If I looked like that... I swear to God, I'd put a hood over my face every day." -- Julian, p. 77

Man vs. Society: Auggie struggles in a society of "ordinary" people who have trouble accepting others who are different.
"Rat boy. Freak. Monster. Freddy Krueger. E.T. Gross-out. Lizard face. Mutant. I know the names they call me. I've been in enough playgrounds to know kids can be mean." -- Auggie, p. 79

Man vs. Self: Auggie battles his appearance and the effects it has on his self esteem.
"Why do I have to be so ugly?" -- Auggie, p. 60

Presented by
Melanie Middleton
Wonder by RJ Palacio
beautiful, emotional, protective, loving
"Mom seemed more scared than I was" -- Auggie, p. 23

"Mom and Dad don't see me as ordinary." -- Auggie, p.3

"Mom is beautiful."-- Auggie, p. 7
kind, reserved, compassionate
"He stayed in the back of the auditorium like he was bored."-- Auggie, p. 28

"Suddenly someone was sitting next to me. It was Jack Will." -- Auggie, p. 37

"I like Jack, though. He was nice."
-- Auggie, p. 33
deceitful, rude, insensitive
"[Julian's] the kind of kid who's one way in front of grown ups and another way in front of kids." -- Isabel (p. 34)

"[Julian's] the least nice."
-- Auggie, p. 30

August (Auggie) begins the book by telling us about his past. He is ten years old and has been home-schooled because of a severe genetic condition that's required 27 surgeries so far. He will be going to Beecher Prep Middle School and facing hundreds of kids for the first time

Rising Action
Auggie begins school and becomes friends with Jack and Summer, but most other students stare at, tease, and exclude him. Julian rallies people against Auggie. Auggie learns to cope with the hurtful words and looks, even from Jack. After he and Jack make up, they both are at "war" with Julian and most of the rest of the 5th grade. They decide that Julian and his followers aren't worth getting upset over. As Julian continues to try to make the two boys look bad, the other kids start realizing Julian is not a person to follow. Slowly, a few students start reaching out to Auggie.

At an overnight retreat, August is physically and verbally bullied by kids from another school. he is laughed at, compared to disfigured fictional characters, and shoved around. A group of Beecher Prep boys stand up for Auggie and help him get away from the bullies.

Falling Action
The boys who had previously bullied Auggie at Beecher Prep stand up to those who try to harm him. After he escapes the bullies, they comfort Auggie and protect him. When he returns to school the next week, Auggie notices that everything has changed. Once students hear about what happened, they begin to understand how cruel people can be. Almost everyone begins treating Auggie with more respect, like an equal. The only one who still treats Auggie poorly is Julian, but Auggie "couldn't care less."

Auggie graduates from 5th grade, receiving an award that recognizes greatness. After the ceremony he takes pictures, and all the students want to be close to Auggie in the pose. He ends the story by thanking his parents for making him go to school.
"We should be remembered for the things we do. They are more important than what we say or what we look like."
-- Auggie, p. 65

"We carry with us, as human beings, not just the capacity to be kind, but the very choice of kindness."
-- Mr. Tushman, p. 300
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