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Geography Project


vienna flower

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Geography Project

Geography Today I will be talking about "Should I stay, or should I go"?. I will be telling you important facts that will effect the way I live if I leave, or what my life style will be like if I decide to stay. I have chosen 3 countries/ cities as a choice of where to move to. Once i give youall my information I will come to a conclusion of weather I should stay, or go. Now, here are my three countires/cities: Santiago,Chile, New York New York City, and Windsor Ontario. First I will be talking about Windsor Ontario, here are some push and pull factors Push Factors: Windsor's Unemployment rate dropped marginally from 12.4% in Februrary to 12.2% last month, but remains the highest in the country. Unemployment Rate Language You are forced to learn French through grades 4-8 , but our first language is still English. Economy Our economy isn't very stable. Language Pull Factors In the summer, Windsor is the warmest part of Canada People are friendlier than other cities, what I mean by this is, since we have better weather, we are happier, but since other people dont have as great weather, their attitude is different. Chile Chile's First Language is Spanish, English is optional to learn.You have to know at least 2 languages to have a good paying job, you have the choices of English or French, most people chose English though. I know this from my visit to Chile and was told by a friend. Pull Factors Language Chile is blessed by its natural barriers, so they dont have to worry as much about illegal immagriants comming into the country. Their naturl barriers are their mountains, therefore it is hard for people to climb the mountains to get into the country. Because beyond the mountains they have places for growing fruits and veggies.
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