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Gender-based Bullying & GSAs

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Kaydee Otterman

on 31 March 2016

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Transcript of Gender-based Bullying & GSAs

Shifting Discourse to
Social Justice
- "While admirable, we must be cautious about these outcomes. The safe-space discourse, built on the assumption that LGBT youth and their allies need to be protected from a sometimes hostile school environment, sidesteps the heteronormative school climate that makes necessary the existence of GSAs in the first place." - Sean Currie
Gender-Based Bullying
Bill 10 and 202
- Schools must provide a GSA if a student requests one.
- Allow discussion of sexual orientation in the classroom without parental notice.
Steps Towards Real
- Provision of Venues
- Breaking the Silence
- Forming Alliances
- Churches
- Families
- Teachers and Administration
- Adams Testimony
Lindsay, Kaydee, Krista, Dawson & Quinlyn
What is GENDER?
What do you think Gender is?

Working Definitions:
Gender Identity:
A person’s internal sense of Gender; it relates to one’s sense of maleness, femaleness, or a fluid interplay between these constructs.

Sexual Orientation:
Feelings of attraction, behaviour, intimacy, or identification that attract people towards intimacy with others.

Historically a negative word for homosexuality; recently it has reclaimed and used in positive ways.
Gender Identities that fall outside the Heteronormative Binary:
- Genderqueer
- Gay
- Lesbian
- Asexual
- Bisexual
- Transgender/Trans/Trans
- Transsexual
- Two-Spirit
- Pansexual/Omnisexual

An individual whose assigned sex and gender is the same as their gender identity.
An LGBTQ bar in New York City that was the site of 1969 riot between patrons and police. This event is considered to be the beginning of the modern gay liberation movement.

Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA):
Student organizations found in some K-12 schools and post-secondary institutions that create a safe and supportive places for sexual and gender minority students and their allies.
Gender Performance
The notion of Gender Performativity is credited to Judith Butler
She believed that Gender is a ongoing performance
It is usually performed through those everyday, mundane acts
This causes us to think of gender as “natural” and “normal”

Laws that Guide
Gender-Based Bullying in Society
Public and Private Spaces

Kinds of Gender-Based Bullying

Assumptions of Gender/Heteronormativity

Gender-Based Bullying in School
Influenced by Gender-Based Bullying in Society

Children Perceive “Rules” of Gender

Children Police Other Children on their Adherence to the Rules

98% of students having heard the language, 51% on daily basis
More likely to drink alone→ correlated with loneliness
Higher risk for psychosocial problems such as depression, drug/alcohol abuse, harm to self
5.5X more likely attempted suicide once
458 Canadians aged 10-24 committed suicide in 2008

Safe place
Grades improving
Inclusive environment
Better self esteem

End Note on Benefits
GSA’s help students become better than just a hurtful statistic and become stronger and gain a sense of identity
“Taking our clubs is like us putting a gun in our hands and waiting for us to pull the trigger”


Homophobic Bullying In Society

“Homophobic bullying is defined as bullying behaviours that are motivated by prejudice against a person’s actual or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity.
Like traditional bullying, homophobic bullying can happen in many different ways such as emotional, verbal, physical, or sexual bullying:
“Verbal bullying
Being compared to LGBTQ celebrities / caricatures / characters that portray particular stereotypes of LGBTQ people
Being ‘outed’
Indirect bullying / social exclusion
Physical bullying
Sexual harassment
Cyber bullying

How is Homophobic Bullying Displayed?

Possible Effects
Denial of their sexual orientation to themselves or others or attempts to change their sexual orientation
Low self-esteem and / or negative body image
A dislike towards other open or obvious LGB young people
Shame, depression, defensiveness, anger or bitterness
Self-ridicule to gain social/peer acceptance
Risk-taking behaviours including substance abuse
Self-harm and/or suicidal thoughts

Safe Space Perspective
- GSAs exist to protect students
- How to name a GSA
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