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Winnie's Prezume

Prezi Ambassador 2013

Winnie Lam

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of Winnie's Prezume

facebook Name: Password: ********* Login Winnie Lam Lives in Berkeley, California, USA
From Hong Kong
Born on September 28, 1992
Speaks English, Cantonese & Mandarin Winnie (Wing Tung) Lam Born in Hong Kong Move to Belize when I was 10.
I'd lived there for eight years Currently living in the Bay Area
It's my second home Map Education College University of California, Berkeley Major Psychology Minor Education GPA 3.91/4.0 Graduation May 2014 Contact Info E E-mail Skype Prezi LinkedIn Facebook winnielam92@berkeley.edu winnie.lam28 http://prezi.com/user/winnielam92/ http://www.linkedin.com/pub/winnie-lam/5b/68/937 http://facebook.com/winnielamie S Work UC Berkeley - Cantonese DeCal Instructor - Research Assistant teach Berkeley students Cantonese speaking, listening and culture analyze and research topics in Social Psychology/Personality Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups - English Instructor instructed primary school students English during summer school De Anza College - ESL Tutor provided one-on-one tutoring on ESL writing to international students S Activities UC Berkeley - Psi Chi - Association of Psychology Undergraduate member in Psychology Honor Fraternity member Southbay Chinese Baptist Church - Caleb Fellowship De Anza College - Grace Fellowship committee member and marketing officer - Breakthrough Fellowship member committee member and event planner Prezi March 24 Why you believe you would make the best ambassador for your campus? Winnie Lam I believe I will make the best ambassador for UC Berkeley because I'm creative, outgoing, social-savvy and well-connected. I have an entrepreneurial mind to execute appealing marketing strategy to promote students using Prezi for their class and club presentation. I'm determined to represent Prezi to encourage innovation and idea sharing in Berkeley! Go Prezi! Go Bears! Prezi March 25 Which Prezi value you believe is the most important and why? Winnie Lam I believe the value of "We help people share idea" is the most important. Via Prezi, not only do people can easily share their idea, but it also brings people around the globe closer and connected. By connecting people, it encourages people the need of innovation and creativity, which move us forward and advance to the next level. Prezi March 27 What are your first three specific action steps you would take to prezify your campus? Winnie Lam 1. Campus Competition - students submit one of their best Prezi presentations used for their class. Not only can students share their ideas, but it also promotes using Prezi in campus
2. Prezi Challenge - expose presentations made by Prezi and other software, and have students to decide which presentation is more appealing and attractive in the audience perspective. Of course, Prezi presentation is by far going to surpass other presentation. (Similar to Bing vs. Google Challenge)
3. Get connected via social media - using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, I can keep students and faculties connected by providing the latest Prezi updates and presentation techniques. Update Status I want to be the next Prezi Ambassador at Berkeley! :D Why are you still thinking? Choose Winnie Lam to be the next Prezi Ambassador in UC Berkeley Go Bears! "Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people." With Prezi, all great minds can gather as one and innovate the next greatest idea ever. Update Status I am the new Prezi Ambassador! Summer 2013 Winnie Lam 74 Like 57 Like
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