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Smart Materials

RMT/Product Design

Greg Vickers

on 2 April 2014

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Transcript of Smart Materials

Smart & Modern Materials
Design & Technology
What is a Modern Material?
Modern materials are 'man made’
These are materials that do not occur naturally!
What is a smart material?
Smart materials are 'man made’ materials that respond to a change surroundings (inputs).

They usually change in terms of colour or shape when responding to an input.
What inputs are there?
What 'Smart Materials' are you aware of ?
Shape Memory Alloys (SMA)
Shape Memory Polymers (SMP)
Thermochromic Materials
Photochromic Materials
Hydrochromic Materials
Electrochromic Materials
Hydromorphic polymers
These Smart Materials offer many advantages over using traditional materials...
Modern materials
Try and name 3 examples!
Degradable polymers – environmentally friendly shopping bags

Bullet proof fabric - Kevlar


Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) (or Carbon Fibre) - strong and lightweight

Nanotechnology Example: Teflon non stick coatings

Modern wood-based materials

Modern Metal based materials
Think of 'modern' Wood & Metal materials...
List 3 examples of
MODERN Wood materials !
Think of many products as you can that are associated with 'HEAT' and consider how thermochromic materials could be used in their design -
Memory Foam - Mattress
Glasses that change to help vision
Digital curtain inside glass windows & doors
Joke toy that expands in water
Material that emits light without electricity
Pigment that changes colour when exposed to moisture
Think of 3 applications where non stick coatings could be used!
Biodegradable shopping bag
There are more types of Smart Materials being developed all the time...
Like with Smart Materials,
there are new MODERN MATERIALS
being developed all the time...
There are lots of different types
of MODERN MATERIALS available...
What is the term used to
describe material made from
2 or more things?
Name 3 SMART & MODERN materials
They also offer great advantages over traditional materials such as...
increased strength
light weight
easy to shape
offer something that a traditional material cannot!
GRP = made from strands of glass fibres
that have been coated in polyester resin
Carbon fibre reinforced plastic is similar to GRP
... it is made from small strands of carbon instead of small strands of glass!
Kevlar consists of strands of very strong plastic material that is woven to form a fabric...
Think how Carbon Fibre enhances the products it is used on..

What are the advantages of Carbon Fibre?
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