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No description

Anna Lundgren

on 18 December 2013

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Transcript of NIKE

Management of Large Corporations deal with many different Crisis' in today's society but they don't have control over how the consumer will react/respond
How the Consumers react is essential to the brand's value
The Sweatshop Crisis(Nike) effected its brand image and Nike had to establish its reputation/Brand Image once again among its consumers.
Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight
The Swoosh
Ambassadors/Endorsers establishing the Soul of Nike
Four Core Principles
Just Do it
Digital Services
How does a company operate?
When do you cut Costs?!?!
Nike's Sweatshops
How the Sweatshop Crisis effected Nike's Brand Image
The Sweatshop Crisis
Damage of Image and Identity
Code of Conduct Reforms
Drop in Nike's Stock
Recognition of Responsibility
"Iconic brands represent a particular story - A myth!" - Holt

NIKE ID, Story, Culture

Advantage vs. Disadvantage
"Did Sales drop due to Protest & Boycotts or due to Asian Financial Crisis?"

"Trapped in a social network"

"Feeders would only switch brand if followers did, and followers would switch if insiders did"

Nike's Brand was damaged due to "Sweatshop Crisis"
Anti-Brand Communities
Strong Iconic Brand
Consumer Loyalty
Unwanted effects
Anti-brand communities
Boycott Nike, Anti-Nike, CCCE's Nike Campaign
Internet: key enabler
Opposing brand as a Moral quest
NikeID: Peretti's Sweatshop shoes as reflexive resistance; CHEEKY
Word plays proof of symbolizing perceptions
Lost authenticity. Rebuild by listening - Just do it!
Sales drop due to Asian financial crisis
Sales drop due to protest & boyotts

Relationship between brand and product -Aaker

Can't identify themselves with Nike anymore...
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