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Pavla Petrova

on 20 July 2015

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Transcript of Journey

Pavla's Journey
How did it start?
It started here in Central Europe, supporting the Czech & Slovak
markets and adding great value to our customer relationships
Next challenge taken on...
First steps took me here...
Something what you might not know

...complex system containing 32 countries in Europe including South Africa
What do customers think about my work???
Supporting and helping colleagues and new hires with their tasks & queries to meet team metrics
had PCP score Commendable
for two consecutive periods now
A true team player...
Embrace change
Share and help others
Filter and focus
Passed 11 exams in last 15months
2013 Certification in Accounting
2013 FCE Cambridge exam
2014 Diploma in Accounting
Currently studying for Advanced Cambridge certificate in English language
een to learn and develop new skills with view to improving and increasing own value
as an asset
to Snap-On
Dedicated to SBS values and proving the best customer service
A team player who does not forget about collective objectives, while completing own tasks
Always keen to help, often looks outside of own workload to meet team metrics out of own initiative
Thrive in challenging environment and able to manage deadlines
A true Snap-On Asset
Keen to satisfy interest in finance by spending some time with finance team
enjoy my work thoroughly but at the same time, keen to embrace new challenges as part of natural progression
Need to spend more time with business consultants to improve commercial awareness
...Certainly not to waste my managers' time...
I do a great job and add a lot of value to the team; but I'm capable of much more;

I would like to be considered in your progression/promotion plans;

I need your assistance identifying any role shadowing/sharing opportunities - both with our business consultants & within finance
My value to SBS is increasing as I study and gain more experience
Thank you for your time.
Improving data quality
Streamlining internal reporting process
Reducing manual profile changes
Simplifying hierarchy
Managing & supporting regional offices
Review and validate calculations.
Processing several markets simultaneously
Promptly escalating queries
Analyzing data through DNS product
Training, dealing and helping customers though use of JoinMe
Q&A / Discussion
What am I asking for?
My personal qualities...
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