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Aiming at the Sky - Intro

No description

Karine Bená

on 9 February 2016

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Transcript of Aiming at the Sky - Intro

Welcome to
Aiming at the Sky
What were they doing?
Ask questions to your friends and try to guess who you are.
On your Learner Diary, answer the questions from page 6 talking about yourself. Write everything in a single paragraph.
Open your books on page 7.
Here we go!!!
First of all...
Past Continuos
Who are you?
Ready to start?
Let's remember some rules!
Always have a notebook in hand to take notes and also do the exercises I will be assigning in some lessons.

"Learner Diary"
Always use English
when you want to:
- Ask sor something
Ex: material

- Ask for permission
Ex: go to the bathroom;
drink water

- Ask for information
Ex: translation;
meaning of a word
- Tell something to your friends.

- Say something you already know
- Going to the bathroom;

- Drinking water.

Be reasonable!
No Bubble Gum or any other candy is allowed.
- Keep your cellphone in your pocket or bag on Silent Mode.

- If you need to answer and EMERGENCY call, ask permission to leave.

- DO NOT text message during the class.

- If I see you using your phone,
I'll take it.
Open your books on page 6.
Let's build their story.
Dilma Rousseff
Age: 68
Lady Gaga
Age: 29
Tom Cruise
Age: 53
Lionel Messi
Age: 28
Katy Perry
Age: 31
Johnny Depp
Age: 52
Students A: Page 125

Students B: Page 126
My name is Kate and I am 27 years old. I have a sister and she is older than me. I am a university student but also an English teacher and I live very far from my work, so I ride a motorcycle to work. I study Italian because I think it's a beautiful language. I have classes twice a week but I study at least one hour every day. I enjoy going out on weekends. Last weekend I was going to swim in the lake but I couldn't because it was raining. I think I am going to go to a concert next weekend.
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