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No description

destiny martin

on 13 February 2017

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Transcript of TRAMADOL

Who Uses this drug? How do you get off it?
Usually adults use this drug but some teens tend to also use this drug. To get off you must decrease the days u take this drug .
"Tramadol" known as "Trams" but another generic name for it is ultram.
Tramadol is an opioid painkiller medication prescribed to treat moderate to moderately severe pain, it is similar to medications like oxycodone & morphine.
reports on this drug that about 3.2 million people in the U.S. admitting to misusing tramadol at a point in their lives.
Some symptoms include muscle aches, dizziness, headache, dry mouth, mood swings & Depression
Side effects of taking this drug are shakiness,vomiting,constipation,poor appetite, drowsiness.
One big side effect is one study found says more than 50% of people that abuse this drug experience a seizure at some point.
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