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LDC/MDC Population Pyramids

No description

Matthew Akers

on 14 October 2014

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Transcript of LDC/MDC Population Pyramids

How and why population pyramids of an LDC & an MDC are different
Left side of pg. 10:

What is the purpose of a population pyramid? What information do they show?
Population pyramids show a cross section of a population at a particular moment.
They divide the population by gender i.e.
and by age.
The age groups are in 5 year groups & called

Any combination of these
What factors influence population structure in Developed Countries (think factors that control death rates and birth rates)?
What factors influence population structure in less developed countries (again think birth and death rates)?
Malnutrition and under-nutrition
of Poverty
Poor Sanitation
Endemic and epidemic
Lack of Health
Lack of
medical care
Low infant mortality
Wide spread
birth control
Balanced and full diet
medical care
Good levels of sanitation
Lack of endemic
fatal diseases
In pairs consider the factors that influence the population structures in both more developed and less developed countries.
High Infant mortality rates
Lack of
birth control
Desire to have
large families
Desire to follow
Greater equality
for females
Exit Slip: What will the population structure look like in 2050?
Which one is Japan and which is Sierra Leone? Provide evidence (2-3 sentences)
Many more people in the youthful pyramid base i.e. it looks more pyramid in shape
Steeply sloping sides as many people in each successive cohort die – this suggests a high Death Rate
Very narrow tops – this suggests a high Death Rate
Fairly broad bases – this suggests a high Birth Rate
More people in the top half of the pyramid and lower numbers of younger people – this gives a rather top heavy appearance.
Gently sloping sides – this suggests that there is a low Death Rate
Fairly wide tops – which suggests that there is a low Death Rate and high life expectancy.
Fairly narrow bottoms – which means a fairly low Birth Rate
Annotate onto your pyramid the shape, consider
Overall shape
Annotate onto your pyramid the shape, consider
Overall shape
Which pyramid is which?
On the right side of page 10, draw these two population pyramids. One is an MDC, the other is an LDC - we will discuss which one is which.
What information can we get from a population pyramid?
If cohorts get smaller or larger in the pyramid then this can provide information about
Changes in the movement of people - migration
Changes in birth rate
Changes in death rate
Right side of pg. 10: LDC/MDC Population Pyramids
Now, team up with a partner.

Using an available electronic device, navigate to the website "CIA World Factbook" or use the address http://goo.gl/yMZ32l
Complete your "Country Profile" handout and your population pyramid on pg. 9 using the information you find. Be sure to explain why these demographics influence the development level of your country.
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