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What makes Harbourfront-Vivocity Area a tourist attraction ?

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Syifa Rushda

on 27 March 2014

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Transcript of What makes Harbourfront-Vivocity Area a tourist attraction ?

What makes Harbourfront-Vivocity Area a tourist attraction ?
Singapore Cruise Centre
The Vivocity Roof Top Garden...Arrr!
Hypothesis : It is to attract and cater to the needs of tourists coming in from Singapore Cruise Centre.
Done By
The Vivocity Boardwalk
Hypothesis : The people who may come here are interested in the history of Keppel Harbour.
landuse survey
Ferry & Cruise Operators
Prima Ferries - Harbour Bay Batam
Wave Master - Batam Centre, Sekupang
Batam Fast - Batam Centre, Sekupang, Nongsa, Waterfront
Sindo Ferry - Batam Centre, Sekupang, Waterfront, Tanjung Balai, Tanjung Pinang
Pacific Ferry - Sekupang, Waterfront, Harbour Bay, Nongsa
Indo Falcon - Batam, Bintan
Impacts of facilities and services on Singapore
Bar Graph / Pie Chart
Pie Chart / Bar Graph Based on Survey

What conclusions can you make about the types of people who visit the Harbourfront-Vivocity Area ?
The people who visit the area are mainly people in their golden years of their life and this may be a retirement holiday destination for relaxation.
Table on push & pull factor
Recommendation Letter
Flow of Tourists
What types of tourism does it seek to develop ?

It has different variety of transportation ranging from MRTs to Ferries hence it is very convenient for tourists to travel. It seeks to develop cultural tourism.
Opportunities and challenges that Vivocity is facing and/or may face in relation to tourism.
At different times of the year, the number of tourists may vary. At times with fewer tourists arrivals, retailers in Vivocity would earn less.
Jia Wei
Hypothesis : Majority of services are transportation and retail services.
Our hypothesis is CORRECT (based on landuse survey) !
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Our hypothesis is INCORRECT ! (based on survey)
To: Sentosa HarbourFront Business Association

Date : 23 March 2014

From : Group 4

In view of Singapore's booming tourist economy, we would like to make some suggestions to improve on the facilities.

The construction of more hotels with business related, retail and leisure services is vital in keeping up with the rising demands for new excitment. For example, global prominent brands such as G2000 and BHG can open a franchise in the vicinity to cater to the needs of business personnel. The offer of business related services such as conference rooms and more places with free Wi-Fi would further enhance the Singapore experience here.

In addition, high end restaurants of different cuisines can make diners feel more like back home. Restaurants like Equinox, Keystone and Truffle Gourmet would definitely make the cut.

Last but not least, we could finish off with new golf facilities, high class spa, sauna and pubs. I am sure with such facilities, your revenue will definitely be off the charts

Group 4

2.5 cm
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