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How did each of the major crisis events of the 1850s contrib

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Emily Hammon

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of How did each of the major crisis events of the 1850s contrib

How did each of the major crisis events of the 1850s contribute to the advent of the Civil War?
Uncle Tom's Cabin
opened the North's eyes to the horrors of slavery
the South thought Stowe's work to be slanderous
Lecompton Constitution
vote for a Constitution with slavery or without slavery
Pres. Buchanan antagonized Douglas Democrats in the North who did not like the ideas of this constitution and this divided the democratic party
Panic of 1857
Financial Crash caused by inflation
South faired better than the North
John Brown tried for murder
tried in the South
The South assumed that the Union was all like Brown. But Brown became a martyr for the antislavery cause.
Dred Scott decision
opening paper gun blast of the Civil War
sculpted by North, ruled in favor of South
Missouri Compromise unconstitutional
increased sectionalism and tensions, led the South to again think of secession
contributed to political controversy and divisions that led to Lincoln's election and the Civil War
North South conflict
conflict for Kansas
increased sectionalism
abolitionists, normal pioneers, southern hotheads, and slave owners
led to violence, KS Civil War eventually combined with the US Civil War

Financial Crash of 1857
bitterness deepened by hard times
caused by inflation and over-speculation
led South to believe they were economically stronger than North
overconfidence increased war readiness
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