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"Five short plays"

No description

Gabriela Velasco

on 17 October 2013

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Transcript of "Five short plays"

"Five short plays"
Martin Ford

The book have five stories.
We think the book is interesting and you can learn vocabulary.
It's easy to understand.
We really like the book.

Martyn Ford
The was write for Martyn Ford who is a author Martyn Ford is an author and illustrator whose books include humour titles such as The How To Be British Collection, and English Language teaching
texts like Instant PET and Five Short Plays.
He was born in Sutton Coldfield in the West Midlands.Martyn is married, with two children, and lives in Brighton on the south-east coast of England.
"Five short plays"
The principal topics in the book are about daily problems and things that happen in specific places.
The storys are really interesting and easy to understand.
The book have 5 stories.
Group brown
Ricardo Duarte
José Carlos Rivera
Evelyn Vásquez
Gabriela Velasco
The robbery
They are a group of friends and they had not any money, so they decided to rob a bank. They are silly. Harry, the boss, had a plan. They were going to rob a bank next to one library.
The right thing to do
A man was lying in the street. Three different people stopped and looked, but nobody helped him. After that a woman saw him and ran to help him. She ordered the people that were looking to bring water and call an ambulance.
Canada can wait
Chris was very imaginative. He wanted to travel alone to a lot of different countries.
Said that soon there was not going to be enough salt in the world
The people wanted to buy salt in the store but the shopkeeper did not sell.
Slow food
Maggie worked in a fast-food restaurant. The customers were waiting for their food. They waited for a long time. One person asked Maggie how many cooks are there.
Is the book controversial?
We think the book is not controversial. It doesn’t explain controversial topics only problems that happen or problems between friends or family
What social issues are dealt with and how?
The book dealt problems like the people in the street and how do they help to others, it dealt topics like the problems in restaurants and the thing that the people do for money.
Does the book challenge people’s perspective?
No, it doesn’t. because it doesn’t dealt polemic topics only dealt daily topics.
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