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Lean 소개 to YK CI Team

교육자료, 2011년 1월 5일

Sung Moon

on 28 August 2013

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Transcript of Lean 소개 to YK CI Team

Lean Training
1. What is Lean?
Introduction of
Over production
Potential talent
Over processing
Lean is an activity to reduce 'fat'
in the organization
Lean is a business system to eliminate
all kinds of waste in the organization
in order to add values to customers
Lean is an activity to reduce 'Waste'
in the organization
Lean is an activity to reduce 'Waste' in the organization
which does not add values
to customers
Lean is not just a bunch of tools,
it's a completely new way of working
It's for our customers and employees
- Lean is created by
Something should be eliminated for 'health'
Lean is not just an activity, it's the business system
with clear philosophy & culture
not fully leveraged
Lean is a business system to
eliminate all kinds of waste in
organization, in order to
add values to customer,
involving all employees
Eliminated... by whom?
... By all the employees in the organization
So what is the meaning of Lean
Our employees & vendors can work much easier and happier!
With these impacts,
the business profit will increase accordingly
We can avoid additional installation of assets requiring big investment
We can meet the customer demand faster and more flexible
(cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr
Lean philosophy
There are many Lean tools
Problem solving
Performance management
Pull system
Effectiveness of
OEE improvement
We can provide the products with better quality, with low cost
- It's from TPS since 1950
- Firstly called 'Lean' in the book
"The machine that changed the world"
Let's enjoy Lean!!!!
Toyota is one of the heavily benchmarked and most admired companies ...
* In 1950, GM 3,656,000, Toyota 11,000
...And this success comes from Lean
Yes, Toyota is struggling these days but still,
Lean concept is not wrong
Execellent culture to
drive continuous
Faster new product development cycle
High capability of employees
in every levels and functions
Flexible production to meet customer demand
efficiency of
2. Origin of

Reasons of
recent Toyota issue
3. What will be OUR Lean?
We will not cover the whole value stream in this project
We will work on
'machine effectiveness' first,
which is called OEE
Typically project is conducted in 16 weeks
... And expand this Lean effort
to other machines and areas
This is not only about machine, but also about system and people
You can expect dramatic changes here
as we experienced in other mills!
Your support is most critical and important for the success of this project
1. Too urgent global sourcing strategy
without applying Toyota way
It's not because of Lean, but it's because they forgot about important principle in Lean
Toyota's Lean is represented with 4P
High quality of products with low cost
People & partner
Problem solving
To identify the current status of mill and improvement areas
To design the future status
and set up the plan
Implement action items as planned based on the diagnosis result
It is a long and not an easy journey
How is it defined in dictionary?
... for the organizations like Kimberly-Clark?
Not adding the value to our 'CUSTOMER'
By remove 'Waste',
we can maximize
'Value' to customer
But more important thing is...
It's the procedure to create right culture
Any question?
Toyota Poduction System
Our customers will
also become
happier with
our products
+ Join in all kinds of Lean activities and discussions
+ Let your team members & line operators join too
+ Open your mind for Lean and believe in it
+ Share your feedback to Lean team
+ Work 'a little more' during the project period
This is...
2. Improper response to customer voices
Final version!
More products in the same time
with low cost and high quality
Impact of Lean in Toyota
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