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No description

David Markus

on 14 September 2017

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Transcript of apple

Eco School
Castlebridge PS had a lot going on: Gardening Club, Recycling Club

Applying for EcoSchool Certification
provided a framework for further action that included school waste audit, energy conservation, curriculum integration


-wiggly worms workshop
-waste reduction workshop
-participated in EcoSource Inservice PD course
Planter Movie
Castlebridge Learning Garden

An Idea Took Root...
-started developing sense of staff commitment

-building community commitment, connecting with School Council Chair

-job action

-site visits to schools with established outdoor gardens

-started with indoor planters
Starting the Garden ...........
-administration support
-School Council
-organize a team and distribute responsibilities

-start a project file for facilities manager
-site survey, get approvals

-expert advice urban agriculturalist
-Region of Peel Landscape Consultants
-City of Mississauga - water source

-students involved through curriculum
connections/designing the garden/interview

-Establish a timeline by breaking down your
project into manageable chunks, being mindful of:


-Facilities Manager's timelines

-Construction Contractor's priorities

-Inaugural Event

-Weather (planting)
School Ground Greening
-TDFEF (partnership with Ecosource really helped, enlist a grant writer and follow-up writers)

-Toyota Evergreen


-InSchool Fundraising

-School Council

Castlebridge Fundraising Partners
For Us, It Was Big!!!
Dig Day!!

- buy your plants from a reputable garden centre e.g., Sheridan or Humber

- full day planting involving all grade levels
- ask parent community to lend a helping hand

- have some experts (Ecosource) on hand to help things go smoothly
Stephen Ritz
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