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Ideas to make robot go faster

No description

Jaleel Guimba

on 30 August 2013

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Transcript of Ideas to make robot go faster

Ideas to make robot go faster

The first way is to use larger wheels on the robot as increased size of wheels also increases the speed large tires do offer a slower accleration but a higher top speed, while small wheels offers faster accleration and slower top speed/
Use of gears can update the speed of the robot. Use large gears on the motor and small gears on the wheels. Do not do the opposite since it will decrease the speed
Power level
Another method to increase speed of robot is to make sure it's motor is at the highest level possible
Speed and Torque relationship
A tip for the robot to become faster is to reduce the torque( measurment of the amount of turning power) as the less torque there is the greater the speed will be.
How to make the robot go faster
By Said, Zack and Phylicia
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