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How to Make Family Secret Garlic Chicken

How to Make a Good Prezi.

David Lai

on 23 June 2011

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Transcript of How to Make Family Secret Garlic Chicken

How to Make Family Secret Garlic Chicken (How to Make a Great Prezi) By David Lai Inspiration Ingredients Preparation Execution Enjoyment Before we start anything... We need to ask ourselves why? Why would anyone want to make family secret garlic chicken? Summer is here and everyone needs a Go-To dish for their next BBQ right? Maybe you'd like to give a presentation that goes beyond slides... And get to the point of creating something that is... Visual? Engaging? Interactive? Memorable. Ready? Let's get started. In order make good family secret garlic chicken,
we need to first get our ingredients together. Same with a good Prezi. Boneless chicken thighs
Soy sauce
Sesame oil
Green onions Family Secret Garlic Chicken A Good Prezi Keywords
Key points
Youtube videos Think... A BIG WHITEBOARD
...full of ideas Don't worry about getting it all right the first time. Start by throwing things in... You can work out the fine details later. Good preparation of your raw ingredients makes for some good family secret garlic chicken Same with a good Prezi. Is the secret to preparing family secret garlic chicken Creating a garlic puree And the secrets to a good Prezi? Consider... Themes Size Emphasis Frames Colors
Overall look BIG?! Highlighter
Marker Group the items on your Prezi As you prepare your raw information - your Prezi will gain meaning ...a message will be communicated... Information will be presented... Points will STICK out... Your audience will be reached! Now that everything is prepared It's time to give the family secret garlic chicken and your Prezi some life! Throw your chicken on the grill Give your Prezi a flow by linking elements / frames together Keep two things in mind Structure This Would Be a really boring Prezi to watch. Flow Tell a STORY as you link things together. Narrative. Storytelling. Direction. Now that you've done all the hard work... Share it with the world! Take your chicken to your next grill out. Share a link Embed your Prezi on a website Post it on social media outlets Invite others to help you out using Prezi Meeting Why would anyone want to make a great Prezi? Think... small? In order to convey what you want to say. maybe these 3 things belong together.... For your Prezi... www.prezi.com/yourprezisnamehere Start an online presentation
Invite others to collaborate on your Prezi Link Send to others Collaboration! THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT! NICE. This is a point. This is another point. a really small point.
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