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Unified Improvement Plan

No description

Robert Beauchamp

on 17 March 2015

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Transcript of Unified Improvement Plan

Improvement Strategies
PSD Unified Improvement Plan
UIP - What is it?
District Learning Goals
Monitoring Report
Unified Improvement Plan
District Accountability Committee
Collaborate with Stakeholders
Review Data
Identify Strengths & Challenges
Update Action Plans

Major Improvement Strategy #1
Need: Promote Aligned Expectations

Strategy: Implement the Standards-Based Teaching & Learning Framework

Outcome: A Learning System for which instructional practice, professional development, and educator effectiveness are aligned.
Major Improvement Strategy #2
Major Improvement Strategy #3
Need: System-wide support that address growth needs of students below grade level.

Strategy: Implement and systematize intentional structures for universal access, targeted interventions, and best practices district-wide.

Outcome: To improve Growth Gap measures of academic progress among under-represented groups.
Need: A standards-based, balanced literacy system integrated across content from preschool through grade 3.

Strategy: Implement the monitoring systems, interventions, and professional development to support the READ Act.

Outcome: At the completion of third grade students will be proficient in reading.
Title III - Addresses services to English Language Learners

Gifted & Talented - Outlines the district's GT program
School Improvement Plans
Submitted to District (Johan V.) by March 3

DAC reviews budget priorities and school improvement plans (March & April)

Uploaded to CDE by April 15
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