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Ashley Nandan

on 26 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

The Royal Bank of Canada History of RBC Understanding the Workplace RBC was founded by a group of Enterprising Halifax merchants in 1864 that agreed to enter into a co-partnership to "discount promissory notes and acceptances, make advances on approved securities, purchase and sell bills of exchange, receive money on deposit, and transact all other business matters connected with a banking establishment." After they saw the banks ability to remain "always moving, alive and active" they decided to continue and rename the Industry The Royal Bank of Canada in 1901. Tasks I Perform Cashing Government of Canada cheques to eligible candidates
Benefit: Provide clients of RBC with enough money to make a living in Canada. What I have Learned Employability skills How my tasks benefit the community/society -Safely store peoples money and valuable items
-Loan money to people that need it
-Excellent customer service results to brand loyalty Workplace Future Trends 3601 Major Mackenzie Drive
Woodbridge, Ontario

Student: Ashley Nandan
Supervisor: Pina Teti Interpersonal Skills - ability to interact with clients to create warm, inviting environment by using a kind and friendly nature Problem Solving Skills - ability to probe, find out more and improve the understanding of a client’s situation or issue using limited resources Organizational Skills - ability to handle cash, compile facts, figures and files in an orderly fashion Benefits of Coop Work Experience Professional Contacts Working 3 hours a day allows coop to become your classroom. You are constantly interacting with new people and learning on the go about things you are interested in and that will be of great value to you as you enter the work force. During coop you tend to build friendships
with people already in your field of interest. Therefore if you make a great impression on them they could greatly influence your hiring manager as a reference in the near future. Talking about Travel insurance with clients
Benefit: Ensure emergency assistant services and safety to all RBC clients. Owner of RBC: Gord Nixon Number of Employees: Approx. 80,000 Mission Statement: Always earning the right to be our clients first choice. Who RBC serves? Locally & Nationally - Personal and Commercial Banking, Wealth Management, Investor and Treasury Services, Capital Markets, and Insurance for everyday people and businesses Internationally - Branches in America and Caribbean that include Credit-Card Centers, Trust, RBC Wealth Management, RBC Dominion Securities, Insurance and RBC automated banking machines Become familiar with workstation and workstation tools
Benefit: Ensure excellent customer service skills that builds a brand loyalty to clients. Exiting the vault
Benefit: Ensures safety of client's valuable items. Completing Money Orders/Drafts
Benefit: Provide the client with a certificated cheque stating that they have the sufficient funds in their bank account to purchase what they desire. Completing a withdrawal with my supervisor Pina How my tasks benefit the organization I am the front line, in other words, I act as the face of the company. Whatever I do and say is how people will view RBC's service. My actions and words make a clients experience great and will persuade them to come back. I also give information about products and available services that RBC offers. Apart of my job is to sell these products to the client. Sector: Service Business The Royal Bank of Canada The future of banking is "smartcards." It is an electronic purse and traveler's check that makes exact change. For example, you give 7-Eleven 50 bucks, and they give you a card that goes in vending machines. When the card is debited down to zero, you throw it away, sort of like a debit card.

The second kind of smartcard is rechargeable.

A third kind involves identification. It holds a computer chip with your DNA signature or a digital picture. This technology is exploding, and when it does, people will think of smartcards as money in the same way they now think of traveler's checks as money.

It is the power of future technology. Co-op allows you to get a head start on life in regards to your educational plan, career and essential life skills.
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