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Mosquito Presentation

PPS organism

Kenny Sandon

on 17 March 2011

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Transcript of Mosquito Presentation

Western Tree Hole Mosquito Classification The Western tree hole mosquito is classify in the Animalia Kingdom
Its phylum is Arthropod
Arthropods are invertebrates with segmented bodies including the head, thorax, and abdomen.
Its scientific name Aedes sierrenis means midge or gnat. Reproduction Females need a certain protein to reproduce, this protein is iron
They get this protein from sucking blood out of mammals
They lay their eggs at the water line of still water
When hatch the larva swim in the water feeding on microscopic plants

Then they metamorphosize into pupa, pupa do not feed Itersesting facts worldwide, mosquito-borne diseases kill more people than any other single factor.
Depending on species, female mosquitoes may lay 100 to 300 eggs at a time and may average 1,000 to 3,000 during their lifespan.
Most mosquitoes remain within 1 mile of their breeding site. A few species may range up to 20 miles or more.
Diet Male mosquitos drinknector uot of plants
Females drink blood out of humans
humans secret a special scent that attracts mosquitos
This scent can be detected from far off Thanks for Whatching
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