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Biology Homework: Due - 26.09.16

Leo Wells

on 27 September 2016

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Transcript of Photosynthesis

The Word Equation for Photosynthesis
Carbon Dioxide + Water ---> Glucose + Oxygen
There are three limiting factors that control the rate of photosynthesis:
Light provides the energy needed for photosynthesis..
When the intensity of the light is increased, the rate of photosynthesis will also increase, but only up to a certain point.
Because, soon something else will become the limiting factor eg. temperature or Carbon Dioxide.
Carbon Dioxide is also a limiting factor
Carbon Dioxide of the raw materials needed for this process.
Amount of Carbon Dioxide will increase the rate of photosynthesis up to a point.
After this, the graph will level off, showing that something else has become the limiting factor, temperature.

...AND the temperature has to be just be right.
Photosynthesis has an optimum temperature, this means that it works best at this temperature. If it is too low, it won't be the best conditions, on the other hand; if it is too hot, the particles may burst.
Not enough light slows down the rate of photosynthesis.
What is the Action Spectrum?
The action spectrum is the rate of a physiological activity plotted against wavelength of light. It shows which wavelength of light is most effectively used in a specific chemical reaction. Some reactants are able to use specific wavelengths of light more effectively to complete their reactions.
What is the Absorption Spectrum?
The absorption spectrum is a spectrum of electromagnetic radiation transmitted through a substance, showing dark lines or bands due to absorption at specific wavelengths.
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