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Online Education

No description

Jacob Sargeant

on 24 July 2014

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Transcript of Online Education

1. Standardised Badging

2. Joint Venture Incentive Program

3. Regional Graduate Competitions
Online Education
Regional Online Education Prospects
UC Davis Badging Program
Badges for Sustainable Agriculture & Food Systems major.

Document learning process through:
- video
- photos
- written reflections

Fulfill core competencies
1. Badging
Recommendations for Decentralisation
1. Badging Recommendations
In Regional New South Wales
Online Education Industry
- 80% of course content online

- Revenue of $5.9 billion (2013)

- Expected to grow by 8.5% annually over next 5 years.
Market Breakdown
- Coursera - EdX - Udacity
- Open Training & Education Network
- Open Universities Australia
1. Badging
2. Joint Venture Incentive Program
- online learning/achievement system

- badges as authentic indicators of accomplishment, skill or quality

- Mozilla developed open platform

- Online CV

- Flexibility

- Convenient

- Lower operating cost

- Lower staff-to-student requirement

- Motivation and interaction

- Lack of recognition for accredited courses.

- Digital platform must be developed

- Unfamiliarity of the teachers to the new technology
- Social media can increase the interactivity with teachers and peers

- A wider variety of courses can be offered for students

- Developing partnerships with trusted organisations (OUA with SEEK)

- Attracting more applicants

- Non-accreditation of courses continues to remain.

- Competition from institution itself based on social aspects.
- Competition from free online course providers such as Coursera, Udemy and Udacity.

- Recurrent investments in continually changing electronic infrastructure.
1. Establish task force to formulate platform.
- Work with RUN Institutions.
- 40.9% study by distance.

2. Badging Standards Body
- Smaller version of TEQSA.
- NSW Government certified.

S & O : Low marginal cost, flexibility, more applicants.
W & T : lower legitimacy, reduced interaction, competition.
2. Joint Venture Incentive Program
- Students desire to work while studying.

Objectives: - Influence student behaviour to move online.

- Decentralisation of workers from cities to regional NSW

- University partners with sponsor company

- Set up a delivery centre to:
- Enlist and obtain regional companies for the program
- Recruit and train students to be job-ready

2. Joint Venture Incentive Program Recommendations
Attracting 'Up-Skillers' to Regional Areas
- Website links companies offering:
- internships
- career fairs,
- placement opportunities

- Users can create profile and network through social sites.

- Targeted LinkedIn Campaign

- Targeted by region, job title & undergrad. degrees.

Retaining Regional Graduates
- Raise local and outsider confidence in regional

- Create a SME Ranking system i.e. Singapore
SME 1000 Ranking

- Awards giving out (e.g. Sales Growth Excellence Award).

- SME Ranking as KPI

- Competition to pitch ideas/small business developments using local knowledge.

- Win funds, loans, support and mentoring to start-up businesses.

- State government provides funds, Local council

- Retain graduates and contribute to regional economic

-e.g. UOW Pitch organised by iAccelerate
Retaining Regional Graduates
Attracting 'Up-Skillers' to Regional Areas
- Intermediary between institutions and businesses.

- Introduce free up-skilling or loan based course fee payment

- Workers join regional workforce based on up-skill opportunity.

- Currently used in TAFE and regional business.
-> Broaden partnership.
Key Recommendations
Chicago Summer of Learning

21000 participants

Almost 100,000 badges awarded
4.7 badges per person
1. Act as an intermediary connecting
universities and sponsor companies

2. Communicate benefits of venture to organisations.

1. Retaining Regional Graduates
2. Attracting Up-skilling Workers
$4 mil.
$5 mil.


unique visits per day.
additional ventures in Illawarra Region.
UOW Pitch
1. Small-Medium Enterprise (SME) Ranking System
2: Regional Graduates Start-Up Competition
1. Regional Upskilling Initiative
2. smartdecision.com
Return on Investment
20 to 1
of graduates leave
regional areas.
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