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Finding a Job

No description

Cristin O'Riordan

on 27 July 2014

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Transcript of Finding a Job

Ready to Apply!
Finding a job usually begins with a job lead.
One of the most effective ways to find job leads.
Additional Ways to Find Leads
School Resources: counselors, teachers, Career Mentorship

Print Job Advertisements: includes newspapers, magazines and other publications

Phone Calls:
Hot Call = to a specific person or about a specific job.
Cold Call = phone call to prospective employer with whom you have no prior contact.
Need to be prepared prior to making cold calls, especially. Have specific questions ready along with your information.

Employment Agencies
Matches job seekers with job openings
Great source for job leads
Find reliable sources:
Many websites are devoted to helping you find a job (ex: Monster, CareerBuilder)
If you know specific companies/places you want to work, go directly to their website and look for open positions
Preparing to Apply
Employers are looking for the best person to fill the job. They want to know if you have the ability to do it well. They will be influenced by how you present yourself, including your application. They will want to know everything about you that relates to the job.
Be confident
Be prepared: know your Social Security number (memorize it!)
Communicate effectively: the way you speak & write makes one of the strongest impressions
avoid slang, "like", "um"
Finding a Job
And Preparing to Apply
Job lead
: information about a job that is available (can be tip from a person, ad online, etc.)
: communicating with people you know or meet to share information and advice about jobs.
Between 60-80% of jobs are found through networking
Start networking by making a contact list
Contact List: list of people you know who might be helpful with job search
Who can help you? Who do you know who works at a company of interest? Who do you know who is in that career of interest? Who do you know who knows someone who works in the career?
If you have created strong relationships with people in your network, you can get a referral (a recommendation).
Joining professional organizations is another wonderful way to meet people in your career of interest
There are public & private employment agencies.
Public agencies provide services free of charge
Private charge a fee.
Private agencies provide more personal services.
Often specialize in temp jobs and temp-to-hire jobs
Temp job = temporary job that can last a couple of days to many months
Temp-to-hire = temporary job that leads to permanent position
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