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Say Hello to AskMD_Consumer Brands_WIP

No description

Mischa Cohn

on 18 December 2014

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Transcript of Say Hello to AskMD_Consumer Brands_WIP

Hello You!
Brand seamlessly integrated into the iOS, Android and Desktop user experiences

Reaching highly engaged & ready to purchase consumers

Option for health concern-specific targeting
Say Hello to
2015 Opportunity from The Dr. Oz Show
and Sharecare
Get Better Care. AskMD.
As seen on...
Top Rated Health & Wellness App
Sharecare: social engagement platform for personalized health
mockups for illustrative purposes only
Changing the way consumers
, and
in the new Digital Health Ecosystem
Dr. Oz Show: delivering a message of healthy living to America
Only AskMD...
- highly personalized

- elevates consumer healthy living know-how

- based on medically validated algorithms

- ensures brands reach highly motivated consumers

At Hand
During Healthy Living's Moments of Truth
Your Brand - In Hand
Your Brand - In Hand
Your Brand - At Hand
Platform Promotional Opportunities
:15 Custom
DoctorOz.com targeted integration
Sharecare.com targeted on-site integration and email outreach to opted-in audiences
A New Era in Healthy Living Tools
Health Apps Landscape
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