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No description

Petra Marjai

on 19 May 2014

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Transcript of Optimization

But this is for the ASC scheduling problem alone
Traditional approach with math programming solvers designed to find exact solution to one problem or the other – sometimes for one ASC at a time without respect to the other – while not fully considering the interrelated system
So What is Optimization Anyway?
Everyone has a plan 'till they get punched in the mouth.

Mike Tyson
Or Without an Optimized Plan...
Benefits of
Increased terminal efficiency and productivity
Reduced emissions and environmental impacts
Increased safety, security, and reliability
20-25% of world energy consumption from transport
Optimization of transport distances within terminal
Maersk alone saved 2 million tonnes of CO2 with slow steaming
Allows for decreased vessel berth times
Each hour at port costs ~$8k/hour for a 10,000 TEU vessel
Increased targets for QC productivity
Fewer injuries and deaths
– reduced labor in hazard areas
Container traceability is guaranteed
Equipment reliability improvements due to usage pattern
Total scheduling workflow
1. Crane queues & move list construction
2. Far- ahead horizon: ASC Scheduling
3. Candidate horizon: Holistic Scheduling
10 - 30min ahead
4. Imminent horizon: AHT Scheduling
5. Imminent horizon: ASC Scheduling
Optimization of Terminal Operations

September 12, 2012
RWG - Aug 2014
LBCT - Oct 2014
MV II - Nov 2014
Navis optimization will be the "mind" behind the machines
Plan your work for today and every day, then work your plan. –
Margaret Thatcher
Consider the travels this past year of a Cargotec sales executive...
Or stated another way...
Complex system
0 - 10min ahead
0 - 10min ahead
30 - 60min ahead
60 - 90min ahead
The more a container terminal is automated
Beyond current levels of terminal productivity
Status Quo - literally ....
the "state in which"
an act, process, or methodology of making something (as a design, system, or decision) as fully perfect, functional,
or effective as possible; specifically : the mathematical procedures (as finding the maximum of a function) involved in this
Integrated Terminal Solutions
Doing it Right
are there any more questions? :)
Maybe in winter...
360 possible solutions
How about 20 cities?
A little known fact...
The human brain is actually
really good at this type of problem...
Assignment of QC moves to AGVs
Optimal assignment/sequencing of ASCs ..
w/o collisions
Balancing work across 37 stacks, 16 QCs,
10 TPs per stack...
But what about problems
you cannot easily visualize
in 2D space?
Assignment of QC moves to AGVs
Optimal assignment/sequencing of ASCs .. w/o collisions
Balancing work across 37 stacks, 16 QCs, 10 TPs per stack...
What is our "Objective Function"?
Defining the
Overall objective is generally QC productivity
Handling both coupled and de-coupled transfers
500 berth moves per hour... 35+ crane moves per hour
AHT scheduling – integrally linked to QC
Must account for variability and exceptions at QC
AHT problem is both sequencing and assigning
Need to factor in QC discharge rates and load rates
ASC scheduling – directly tied to AHT/QC work
Impact on QC throughput if late or sub-optimal
ASC scheduler must deliver to TP on time
Must account for collisions and direct AHT transfer
holistic optimization approach
- simple operation
- the more reliant it will be on the human brain
Constraint Programming with LNS
The myth of perfection versus art of “good enough”
jBPM to manage workflows & Scheduler/ECS interface
IBM CP Optimizer is state of the art
3 year term to embed and leverage MIP/CP/Heuristic
MIP, CP, and MetaHeuristic expertise all available
Substantial experience with automated terminals
Excellent architecture and operations research skills
Proven to provide high quality solutions in short time
Beyond the automated terminal with new offering potential
Beyond current optimization modules and services
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