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Dark Thicket TImeline

No description

Richard Liu

on 27 February 2014

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Transcript of Dark Thicket TImeline

Chapter 5
Chapter 1
Chapter 6
Dark Thicket Timeline
After injuring his arm, Owen returns home from the war this uncle Zach's house to realize that his brother and mother are dead, his brother from war and his mother from disease. He also gets a visit from Phineas Shattuck who wants to get him arrested.
Owen takes the letter to the Hubbards
Uncle Zach's death
Owen and Andrew Danforth are brought to jail by Shattuck but are saved by Red Upjohn and Tyson Hubbard. Then, while escaping, Vance Hubbard is shot in the back but the group catches Shattuck and are about to hang him but Owen saves him. Then, they go to camp in the thicket.
Bad News
Vance Hubbard dies in camp and Red Upjohn brings more bad news to the camp: Shattuck was bringing his company to hunt down and kill them.
In the soldier camp, Claude Chancellor saves Owen and Tyson and gives them dinner and some news. Then, they return to camp to try to kill Red Upjohn- the person they think is the traitor. However, Banty appears to kill them but Red Upjohn saves them by killing Banty- the real traitor.
Owen returns home from war
Because he didn't want Andrew Danforth to be in
danger, Owen took Vance's letter to the Hubbards
who decide to run away from the house and fall asleep.
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
After his encounter with Red Upjohn, Owen comes home to find out that Uncle Zach has been killed by Shattuck and his cronies.Then, he rides to Andrew Danforth's house but is caught by Shattuck.
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Uncle Ed and Vi's
From the thicket, Owen and the Hubbards go to Uncle Ed and Vi's house to drop off Lucy and Mrs. Hubbard. Then, Tyson and Owen suspect Red Upjohn to be the "spy" in the camp but are found by a group of soldiers.

Chapter 9
Chapter 10
The Wilbank Farm
After the encounter with Banty, Owen goes to the Wilbank farm where the Hubbards are. Then, he tries to go back to the army but finds out that the war is already over.
Chapter 11
Shattuck put the Hubbards in prison, so Red Upjohn burns the barn while Owen goes to the jail and frees them. However, Shattuck comes and finds Owen, but Owen shoots him and Shattuck rides away.
Chapter 12
The End
Shattuck returns to them begging for them to save him, but no one wants to. Owen and Red Upjohn argue about who gets to kill him, and Red is forced to let Owen because the Hubbards threaten to kill him. However, Shattuck dies before Owen gets to kill him.
The Lady in the Cabin
On his way back from the war, Owen meets a lady in a cabin who wants him to live with her. He is tempted, but remembers Lucy and rejects her.
Shattuck puts Owen and Andrew Danforth under arrest because of treason and trying to help escaped prisoners. Shattuck wanted to kill Owen and Andrew on the way to prison, but Claude Chancellor accompanied thembecause Shattuck couldn't kill them with a witness.
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