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Computer - Plant Cell Analogy

Computer parts compared to plant cell parts!

Jake Oakes

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of Computer - Plant Cell Analogy

Cell analogy project P-5 Jake Oakes Plant cell - computer Plant cell - computer Vacuole - Hard Drive Vacuole - The part of the cell that serves as general storage for things such as water and waste. Hard Drive Where your computer stores information you want to keep. Plant cell - computer Cytoplasm - Motherboard Cytoplasm - The gelatain mixture that all the organelles are suspended in. Motherboard - A central part of a computer that most parts connect to in some way. Plant cell - computer Golgi Body - Buses Golgi Body - Distributes lipis and proteins to the rest of the cell. Bus - transfers data between computer parts and other computers. Plant cell - computer Cell Wall - Outer Cover Cell Wall - Outer layer of a plant cell, provides rigit support and protection. Outer Cover - Just the basic hard plastic shell your computer innards are in. Plant cell - computer Membrane - Firewall Plasma Membrane - Spotted with proteins that let in certain things. Firewall - Prevents unwanted access to your computer(type of software) Plant cell - computer Cytoskeleton - Operating System Cytoskeleton - Maintains the cell shape Operating System - The backbone of your computer software i.e. Windows or Max OS Plant cell - computer Lysosome - Recycle Bin Lysosome - Deals with breaking down and digesting. Recycle Bin - Deals with trashed items. Plant cell - computer Ribosome - Pixel Ribosome - Reads RNA and creates protein based on the RNA's instructions. Pixels - Little squares that are either red, blue, or green that make up what you see on a screen. Plant cell - computer Nucleus - CPU Nucleus - Contains DNA and is the "brain" of the cell, controls everything done. CPU - Central processing unit, processes information and data Plant cell - computer Mitochondria - Power Supply/Electricity Mitochondria - Converts the energy from the chloroplast into usable ATP energy(plant cells). Power Supply - The power the energy recieves to process, revieved from a wall outlet or battery
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