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Baxter the Robot

Operations and Supply Chain Management Assignment #2

Jessica Kelley

on 18 April 2013

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Transcript of Baxter the Robot

K'Nex Who?
When? Baxter the Robot ------------> Rodney Brooks founder of Rethink Robotics Features: •Fully integrated system
•Behavior-based intelligence
•Trainable by demonstration
•Vision-guided and direct transfer capabilities
•Comprehensive easy to use software Team 6 Perspective Baxter in the Workforce Promotions to employees:
Supervise in training Baxter robots
No more boring repetitive jobs
Safer workforce
Baxter is designed to work safely and intelligently with workers.
Baxter has a friendly face that workers will feel more comfortable to be around. References Briody, B. (2013, March 26). The Robot Reality: Service Jobs Are Next to Go. Stock Market News, Business News, Financial, Earnings, World Markets - CNBC.
Editorial Staff. (2013, March 12). Supply Chain News: Is the Market Taking a Liking to Baxter, the ''New Age'' Industrial Robot from Rethink Robotics?. Supply Chain Digest - The best in supply chain management and logistics news, insight, education, opinion and education.
Focus: Manufacturing. Supply Chain News: Is the Market Taking a Liking to Baxter, the ''New Age'' Industrial Robot from Rethink Robotics?
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YouTube. Rethink Robotics: Meet Baxter. YouTube, 17 Sept. 2012. Baxter's Capabilities (2013). Rethink Robotics :: Home.
Will Baxter And Other Robots Take Your Job?. (2012, November 13). 33rd Square. PROS: •Relatively low cost
•High return alternative to off-shoring
•More cost effective
•Protect intellectual property
•Streamline supply chains Baxter the Robot Presented by: Dexter Dietrich, Jeremy Kadoich, Jessica Kelley, Rance Skaggs and Kevin Wallace ------------> Adaptive manufacturing robot ------------> Boston, Massachusetts ------------> Create a robot that could work WITH humans $$$ "Priced at $22,000 compared with the $500,000 total bill of its predecessors" Baxter in Operations & Supply Chain Management Future Design different end-effectors
Make the robot communicate with other machines
Rethink Robotics wants to make development kits available to allow people to teach Baxter more innovative tricks •Human form and proportions
•Comprehensive safety design
•Complex sensing of people, parts and environment
•Interchangeable end effectors Tasks Baxter can perform:
Material Handling
Line loading & Unloading
Test & Sort
Machine tending
Packing & Unpacking
Light Assembly
Finishing operations COSTS Baxter will be a one time fee!
No hourly or salary wages needed for Baxter.
Baxter adapts to its workplace helping eliminate the amount of bottlenecks in the supply chain.
Products will be produced more efficiently allowing companies to be more profitable. CONS: •Other countries are moving towards robotics
Race to innovation?
•Will Baxter compromise US workforce?
•Operation Capacity Socio-economic issues in the operations and supply chain workforce
Most likely will not replace existing robots, but will impact the manufacturing workforce
Decrease in certain OM/SCM jobs are inevitable
Future machines will replace more low wage jobs
Definite shift in the type of jobs demand towards engineering and technology based degrees ------------> September 2012
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