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Marketing Research

No description

Julian Braß

on 10 October 2013

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Transcript of Marketing Research

Marketing Research - Measure Up

Demographic component
Economic component
Socio-Cultural component
Technological component
Ecological component
Political-Law component
Branch Competition
Suppliers/Raw materials
Substitution products
Potential competitors
Family structures are changing

Demographic Change
Purchasing power increases

Savings rate decreases
over the years slightly
“Back to the roots”-trend


Modern convenience-Food

Kitchen utensils can always
be offered cheaper
“Neo Ecology”
Food regulations
large competitors

low trademarks

low market entry barriers

no intensive distribution or communication

Less competition on price level
Trading companies
have much power

Moderate risk for a
backward integration
Excessive pressure and dependence
on suppliers of plastic

Relatively high risk of
forward integration

characteristics of the used raw
materials could give
product differentiations
there is no identical product which
has the same added benefits

many items which could replace
our product theoretically

brand loyalty is low
Relatively high risk of potential competitors

There are few differentiated and positioned competitors

There are only small price gaps between trade marks

The segments and niches are mostly untouched
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