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Group: The DARK Side

No description

Palwasha Pordeli

on 22 September 2014

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Transcript of Group: The DARK Side

Group: The DARK Side
Abhinav Kishore
Divya Ramesh
Palwasha Pordeli
Vu Nguyen
Wilhelm Eek
The Theme:
To provide a user with information on
what is currently trending in different
parts of the world, through the medium
of images and data information.

Software Architecture:
Reletionship between software components:
Browser and heroku:

When the browser sends a HTTP
request , the Heroku deployment service sends a HTTP response by communicating with the Ruby on
Rails architecture.

Backend and Deployment:
When the deployment component forwards a request, Ruby on Rails gauges the MVC system pattern in order to respond to the request by sending the HTML, CSS and JavaScript data which is to be rendered in the browser.

When the backend component
requires database data, it queries the PostgreSQL DB.
Conversely, when data must be
stored for later use, data is added to the PostgreSQL DB.
Backend and db:
implementation desisions:
Frontend technologies
Backend technologies
Ruby on Rails
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