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The Story of Tens

Information about the physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development of ten-year-olds with activities.

Elizabeth Armesto

on 28 November 2012

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Transcript of The Story of Tens

The Story of the Tens Many activities promote cognitive development; here are some that promote cognitive development for the age of 10. Age appropriate puzzles, matching games, and dancing all promote cognitive development. Around the world with times tables is a fun way to help children remember there times tables. Story writing and keeping journals is way for the children to work on writing. Reading in general such as magazines or chapter books promotes cognitive development and reading skills. Activities for Cognitive Social Development Cognitive Development The Physical Right or Wrong? At this age, children are able to think more realistically. I was wanting to lead McKenzie to say it was okay to steal the pharmacy but she offered other solutions. Activities for
Social Activities for Emotional Here a ten year old explains why she wants her own room. Talk to the class about the bodily changes they will be going through such as their bodies growing.
Have the students work together with their peers and encourage them to join a club or sport. Emotional Development
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