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Treasure Made Brighter

No description

Stephen Johns

on 18 September 2016

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Transcript of Treasure Made Brighter

Treasure Made Brighter
Romans 8:18-23
Foundational Truths
Communication that Transcends Circumstances
Structure that Serves the Suffering
A Hymn About Suffering
Eager Longing - vs. 19
Eager Longing - vs. 23
Futility in Suffering - vs. 20
Subjected - vs. 20
Deep Pain - vs. 22
Bondage of Corruption - vs. 21
The Emptiness of Suffering
Futility in Creation
The Feeling of Futility in Suffering
Heaven is better because it will see perfect fruitfulness and rewards for present faithfulness.
Unfairness in Suffering
Creation is Subjected
The Consequences of Sin
Unfairness Points to Hope
Heaven is better because God the just judge will make all things right.
The Bondage of Corruption
Chained to Death
The Chains of our Suffering
Heaven is better because people will see all endurance was His strength and His glory will no longer be veiled through our failures and weaknesses.
The Pain in the Delay
Birth Pains not Death Pains
Intensifying Pain in the Delay
Heaven is better not just because it is absent of sin and suffering but Heaven is better because all sin and suffering are made both right and redeemed.
Four Truths that Make Future Glory even Brighter
you strain forward in eager anticipation
so . . .
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