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The Book Thief

No description

AmyRuthie MurrayPlambeck

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of The Book Thief

Narration The narration in this novel is very unique, as it is not told from a traditional first person point of view or a traditional third person's point of view. The story is narrated by Death, who tells the story of a young girl in Nazi Germany but includes his own point of view, along with a rather morbid, insightful, and humorous perspective. Setting The Book Thief is set in Nazi Germany during World War II.
The Hubermanns, along with Liesel, live on Himmel Street, a poor area in the town of Molching.
Molching is a fictional suburb of Munich. Conflicts During the course of this book, there are many conflicts. However, most of these issues come from bigger ones. One important part is when Liesel's mother abandons her and her brother to live at the Hubermann's, but her brother dies along the way. The biggest one is when Max Vandenburg, a Jew, comes to live in their basement. As previously stated, there are many conflicts in the book, but most originate from her mother's abandonment and the arrival of Max. Books and Liesel Liesel had never been able to read before living at Himmel Street. Her first encounter with books is after her brother's funeral, when she takes The Grave Digger's Handbook from the ground. After one of her reoccurring nightmares, Hans finds the book and decides to teach her to read. After the first book, she can't get enough. Although she receives books as gifts sometimes, she occasionally steals them. Out of her collection, 10 in particular seem to take part or represent her life well. The titles of these books are also the titles of the 10 parts in the book for this reason. Themes and Symbolism Like the conflicts, there are very many themes in The Book Thief. As commonly seen in novels, the surviving spirit of humans stands out in this book. Friendship, love, coming of age, war, death(or, more appropriately, mortality), hardships- all are prominent themes. As for symbols, an important one is colors, because Death likes to use color as a distraction from the suffering of the humans. Also, it adds a good sense of atmosphere to the novel. The Book Thief Liesel Meminger Rudy Steiner Liesel's best friend and neighbor. The Jew that comes to live in the Hubermann's basement. Max Vandenburg Rosa Hubermann Hans Hubermann Liesel's foster father. Main Characters Narrated by Death 1945 Munich vs. Present day Munich. A quote from the book. The Jew living in the basement. A young girl who is starving for books, the protagonist in this story. By Markus Zusak Mein Kampf (My Struggle)
by Adolf Hitler Han's accordion also symbolizes happiness, peace and good luck. The various air raids near Himmel Street forshadow the events at the end of the book. She is described as having a "close enough brand of German blonde" and being very thin. She lives with the Hubermanns, her foster parents. He likes to smoke and play the accordion, among other things. He's very kind, and is the one who comforted Liesel during nightmares and taught her to read. Hans is described as being tall, thin, and having silvery eyes. Liesel's foster mother. Described as being "a wardrobe of a woman" with "chlorinated eyes." She is a rather vulgar woman, and berates people often. He is the son of an old war friend of Han's. Liesel once described him as having "hair like feathers" and swampy eyes. He and Liesel become friends due to their similarity in books, nightmares, and fistfighting. He's slightly infamous for an incident of painting himself black and pretending to be Jesse Owens in the middle of the night. He has "hair the color of lemons", blue eyes, and sharp teeth. Photo Credits Accordion- en.wikipedia.org, photographed by Henry Dotorski Covers- danielisreading.wordpress.com Liesel and Death- abetterlifewithburgers.blogspot.com Hans Hubermann- glogster.com Rosa Hubermann- dribble.com Max Vandenburg- minutemariginalia.blogspot.com Rudy Steiner-tumblr.com Munich 1945- andrwevanz.blogspot.com Munich- mybeautifuladventures.com Death's quote- tumblr.com Bomb wreckage- tumblr.com Mein Kampf- od43.com Would we recommend it? The Book Thief is a beautifully written novel, with many themes and conflicts. We would definitely recommend this book to anyone. Last line- tumblr.com A project by Ruthie and Amy
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