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Lush Cosmetic

No description

Anna Hanikel

on 21 January 2012

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Transcript of Lush Cosmetic

! Prasentation
Fresh Handmade Cosmetic S aps Enjoy & Relax
in your
with lush KING Feel like a DI
IN TS Kakaobutter dom.
Repuplic from from Roses Turky Olive
Oil from

Westjordanien & Jasmin from Ägypt Sandelwood from India Coconut
Oil from indonesia
Island NIAS Raps- from
Yorkshire Oil Blueberry England Lenctenbury Farm from Why ? HAIR WASHING with BIG Shampo Lotion with New Shampo Bar Make ur HAIR Shining like GOLD Brush Your
Teeth TOOTHY TABS with Skin Care Your biggest Organ Fresh Farmacy Buffy for your Face for
your Body Your Skin Tiny
Hands Parfum WHY natural
environment friendly
social projects
almost fairtrade or BIO
healthy and fresh fresh and handmade from fresh fruit, vegetables and atheric oils
not testet on animals
100% vegetarien
100% without palm oil
80% vegan
no packing material 70%
Rest 30% from Recyclingpackage material
around 70% without Conserviring substances Relaxion Massagebars creamy sensual Make Up different Skin Lippbalsam Lipppeeling Supplement Massage ? ! ? ? ? ? ! ! ! NAKED for more information visit:
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