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Mobile Emergence

This presentation discusses how mobile technologies are transforming education today. The talk discusses three key things: (1) Why we should care; (2) What is happening; (3) My story

Mark Thorsby

on 30 March 2016

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Transcript of Mobile Emergence

Where we are today
My Story

30 September
Konigsberg, Prussia
Immanuel Kant
...Perhaps a revolution can overthrow
autocratic despotism and profiteering or power-grabbing oppression, but it can never truly reform a manner of thinking; instead, new prejudices, just like the old one's they replace, will serve as a leash for the great unthinking mass.
...Nothing is required for this enlightenment,
however, except freedom; and the freedom in question is the least harmful of all, namely, the freedom to use reason publicly in all matters."
-"An Answer to the Question: What is Enlightenment?"
2 Necessities for Enlightenment:

1) Universal Equal Education
2) Universal Public Infrastructure
2 Necessities for Enlightenment
1. Universal Equal Education
2. A Universal Public Infrastructure
The Facts
We are more interconnected today than
in any other time in human history
But its not geography that is interconnected
People are connected
7 Billion People
International Telecommunications Union
Data Explorer
DEC 2010
PHIL 2303.5001W
Online Course Challenges
- Teaching Logic...
+ requires mental acuity
+ utilizes visuality
+ requires consistent practice
- Standard Online template, however...
+is principally typographic
+is structured with a linear GUI
+lacks engaged embodiment
Experimental Strategy #1
-Recorded Video Lessons could Augmet the problem of embodiment by providing
visual cues of body language
Experimental Failures:
PROBLEMS Quickly Emerged
1) Video Production...
+required significant time preparation
+multiple takes
+file conversion

(translating into roughly 110 mins. per video)
Solution: STOP
New Experimental Strategy
-Weekly Video Introductions
-Bamboo Tablet
-3 weekly video lessons
-Engaged Discussion Boards
-HTML coding
+Simulate embodiment
(body language cues)

+simplify recording process

+provide visuality

+Simulate Instructor interactivity

+maintain student curriculum engagement

+embed videos in LMS

1) Take out your mobile phone
2) Open YouTube
3) Search for "philosophical techne"
Some Things to Think About...
Volume of Access:
-531 current unique subscribers
Current Bare Stats:
2 years worth of students
At Current 5/5 workload
-20 Years of Lectures in 5 months
(if views are equal to to a unique lecture
experience of 30 students on a 5/5 workload)
-Viewed in 95 countries

+Top Ten Countries
1. United States
2. India
3. Philippines
4. Canada
5. United Kingdom
6. Australia
7. Ireland
8. Brazil
9. Netherlands
10. Sudan
FALL 2012 Student Performance
Key Results:
-Nearly 30% increase in
successful performance
-23% decrease in failure
*Normalized distribution

Next Steps:
identical distribution pattern with concurrent F-2-F courses
Next Steps:
- Modify GUI Interface
+to visulaize the community/
discussion experience
- Implement AI Interface to
+track student performance
+interact w/students
- Encourage student video interaction
- Implement Full Mobilization
- Further Research
-Discussion Board Involvement
diminishes over time

-APLIA is insufficient, though noteworthy

-Increase video interactivity should stimulate
academic fidelity

-Future assignments could require the use
a camera, video, audio, and typography
What About the Big Picture? - Everything is Going to Change

-Mobile Broadband Devices will transform education
+ knowledge will be free
+ knowledge will be universal

-The Mobile Emergence will...
+ Distribute ideas unfettered
+Remain blind to Geographic, economic, & Class distinctions
"Thus, once nature has removed the hard shell from this kernel for which she has most fondly cared, namely the inclination to and vocation for free thinking, the kernel gradually reacts on a people's mentality (whereby they become increasingly able to act freely), and it finally even influences the principles of government, which finds that it can profit by treating men, who are now more than machines, in accord with their dignity."
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