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What does dialogue reveal?

No description

Samantha Oldham

on 5 October 2012

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Transcript of What does dialogue reveal?

How lines of dialogue or incidents propel the action, reveal aspects of a character, and provoke a decision. Dialogue Plot is the sequence of events in fiction or drama.

Setting is the location and time in which a story takes place

A character is a person or animal in a story, play, or poem. Plot, Setting, and Character A struggle or problem Conflict The bulk of the story, during which the character works to resolve the problem. It is the events leading up to the climax. Rising Action The turning point, usually the most exciting part. Climax Understanding characters can enhance a reader's understanding of the text.

Characters have traits or qualities that define them.

Elements that Reveal Character Traits:
Thoughts and Emotions
Interaction with other characters
The author's direct statements

Characters also have motivations or reasons they act the way they do Character Example: Lisa snuck into her brother's room and took five dollars from his wallet.

What trait does this reveal about Lisa? Actions "Will you hurry up? I don't have all day!" Ed yelled.

What trait does this reveal? Dialogue Internal = conflicts that take place within a single character
Person vs. Self External = caused by forces outside of a character
Person vs. Nature
Person vs. Person
Person vs. Society
Person vs. machine The ending of the story, when the conflict is resolved. Resolution Elements of Plot Conflict
Rising Action
Resolution Physical location
Time Period Setting What if it's not directly stated?
look for clues like available technology and society's customs A flashback is an event that happened before the story began. It is often introduced in the story as a memory or a dream or as dialogue.
Elements that provide clues for events coming later in a story foreshadow or predict. Flashback and Foreshadow Taariq wondered if he would ever dare say hello to Aisha.

What is Taariq's trait? Thoughts and Emotions Casey rushed to open the door as Ty approached on crutches. He helped Ty into a seat and brought him a drink.

What is Casey's trait? Interaction with other characters Brenda had always been ambitious. She worked 12-hour days, hoping for a promotion.

What is Brenda's trait? The author's direct statements Read Excerpt from Heidi: "Heidi Meets Grandfather" by Johanna Spyri Practice Identify the conflict, the rising action, the climax and the resolution
Identify the important dialogue
Answer the questions as a group, one person bring me the answers--you only have TWO chances, then it is your participation grade for the day!
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