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Classroom Interruptions

No description

Carol Skiba

on 24 November 2012

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Transcript of Classroom Interruptions

in the
Carol Skiba Interruptions in the Classroom Literature Review Questions? I chose this topic because of the large amount of classroom interruptions that take place in my school.
I wanted to create awareness of this problem in my school.
I wanted to find solutions to eliminate or reduce interruptions in the classroom. More interruptions occur in schools with students of lower socio-economic status.
Many teachers are unaware of the number of interruptions occurring or are indifferent to the interruptions.
The best way to optimize the learning time available is to curtail time wastage.
The most frequently occurring interruptions are intercom announcements. Carol Skiba
501-412-4973 Data Collection Quantitative Data collected in a weekly chart
Tally marks were made each time an interruption occurred
Qualitative Data collected
Daily Reflection Log
Teacher Questionnaire Results of Findings Plan of Action Implement solutions within my own classroom.
Plan to make instructional time valued and protected
Share data from this research with colleages, principal, and superintendent How Much Change Will Occur? If recommendations are implemented:

Less interruptions
More time spent on teaching and learning
Uninterrupted Focus
A culture in which instruction time is valued and protected
Teacher awareness
District wide policies to protect instructional time Mountain
Elementary Instructional time was interrupted 140 times during the five-week observation period.
Office telephone calls were the most frequently occurring interruption based on teacher questionnaires and data collection.
Teachers’ responses to questionnaires indicates that many teachers believe there is no solution to interruptions. Results Continued Types of Interruptions per Teacher Surveys Types of Interruptions Observed in my Classroom Time of Day Most Interruptions Occurred This chart shows one week out of the five-week observation period.

The data shows 140 interruptions over the five-week period.
Most interruptions occurred within the first and last hour of the school day. Weekly Interruption Chart Data Results Most Frequently Occurring Interruptions Quantitative Data
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