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anyss han

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of skynet

BT HUSAIN Mr. Shamsul Ab Kadir (Network Strategic & Operation Manager)

Mr. Dzulkarnaian Bin Amid (Human Resource Manager)

Skynet (HQ Petaling Jaya) Skynet Worldwide (M) Sdn Bhd (34594-V)
No.4 Jalan SS13/5, 
47500 Subang Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan,
Customer Service
Tel : 03- 56239090
Fax: 03- 56239000 COMPANY BACKGROUND Skynet has been incorporated in 1992.
Skynet provides next day delivery for its courier service;
International freight;
Air and Sea;
Logistic and warehousing
pick and pack and
special project for customers.
Skynet is one of the leading local courier companies,
It has more than 18 years experience is providing domestic and international courier services.
Skynet has established more than 80 stations at strategic location in Malaysia. 1) Deciding which strategies to implement Strategy Decision.
--> internal and external assessment.
--> based on the organization vision and mission.

External Assessment
- always look into any changes in terms of economy, technology, industry growth, social cultural, government, competitors, international opportunity.
- one of the most important part of their strategy making basically because these factors are uncontrollable and requires special attention.
- Some of them can present as a threat or opportunities depending on how Skynet handle them.
Increasing trend of online buyers
Declining number of courier provider whereby it reduce from 117 to 105 from 2001 until 2009.
The market size of the industry in 2009 is RM 3 Billion whereby the industry is having a steady growth year to year.
Industrial Master Plan 2 period which give rise to more business from Electrical and Electronic industry. National Postal Strategy Report Figure 1.1 : Declining number of courier provider whereby it reduce from 117
to 105 from 2001 until 2009. Internal assessment

most important assessment is related to its courier services and customer service.

Skynet distinct competitive advantage is in terms of price for their service but have room for improvement in terms of delivery quality. Among common complain made such as item lost during delivery, item being left at door and also mistake made to the recipient

Skynet always strive to improve their services while keeping in line with the National Postal Strategy in improving quality of service.

Skynet always make sure to take every complaint seriously and aim at reducing the number of complaints.
Skynet always try to make sure that they have good area of coverage for their services.

Skynet also try to improve the usage of technology to ensure smoother operation. Skynet has fully integrated ICT system to link up all our stations in Malaysia and counterpart overseas in which SKYNET was awarded SMB ICT Adoption Award 2006. But in incorporating the use of technology itself is quite expensive therefore it is a continuous improvement for Skynet. 2) How often do you change strategies
take a fresh look at existing strategies The progress of the implementation was reviewed at least on a quarterly basis.

to ensure that the path of the company is in the right way and also at that time is when the company is still trying to establish itself.

Currently the frequency of review actually depends on the extent of the rate of change in and around Skynet.

Because of that Skynet always alert with the changes especially externally in order to revise their strategy. 3) How many person assist you in formulating strategies. According to Mr. Shamsul Ab Kadir,

Top Management Level (the chief executive and board of directors) and

the key employees,

lower level and middle managers will also be included in the strategy making process. 4) Does your organization have written mission, vision and objective statements? Providing “Fast, Accurate,  Reliable” (F.A.R) express service to SKYNET valued clients MISSION To be an express carrier of choice VISION OBJECTIVE STATEMENT 1) To provide convenience to their customers everywhere.
2) Commitment to integrate corporate social responsibility.
3) To promote environmental sustainability.
4) To build customers’ confidence
5) To expand the courier service coverage nationwide.
6) To enhance security and trust. 4) To build customers’ confidence At Skynet, their strategic planning processes are more open

They believe that the employees are capable of giving insight and opinion in which will help them to strategize good strategies.

Of course at the end of the day the decision is still up to the top management but all inputs are welcome and will be filtered. 5) Is the strategic planning process in your company more secret or open in regard to process and procedure? Which approach do you feel is best? Why? Strategic management process is vary from one industry to other industry.The types of challenges businesses face are numerous and varied.

That is why the strategic planning group will focus on methods and procedures designed to carry out their strategies and the order in which strategies should be implemented.

Strategies can be operational, competitive or corporate, depending on which part of the organization must implement them. CONCLUSION Operational strategies – involve day-to-day operations, forming the processes and procedures by which the company does business.
Competitive strategies – involve finding ways to compete with a particular industry or business.
Corporate strategies – long term plans that govern the overall direction the company plans to take.
1) To provide convenience to their customers everywhere.
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