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Equality & Discrimination - Ch:13

No description

Sam Buemi

on 12 November 2012

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Transcript of Equality & Discrimination - Ch:13

Civil Rights Laws
Real vs Relevant Differences
Racism - involves making a race a significant factor
about the other person
"us" vs. "them" thought process
(cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr
(cc) photo by Franco Folini on Flickr
(cc) photo by jimmyharris on Flickr
(cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr
Think about racial harassment after 9-11
Gender Discrimination
Education - the "great equalizer"
Racial Profiling-
Policy/security practice
when a person is treated
suspect because of their
Not so Equal
Other Statistics
Of news/stories of poverty:
62% are represented by blacks
Minorities most likey
to be affected
by chronic underemployment
77 cents / Dollar
Made by Blacks compared
to Whites
Same w/ Women
43 million Americans w/
Racial Discrimination
Males dominated fields such as math/science/engineering
Sexual Harassment
3 women murdered Daily
(cc) image by jantik on Flickr
14th Amendment- equal protection
Womens Suffrage
(cc) image by jantik on Flickr
Brown v Board
Affirmative Action
(cc) image by jantik on Flickr
Civil Rights Act
Race - Biological
Anthropologists classify
anywhere between 6-80 races
Most differences are average differences
How do we; should we classify people?
99.9% similar
What makes it especially wrong is the making of false judgements
What are the Differences?
Non-Consequentialist Arguments
How would they view
discrimination & equality?
Equality & Discrimination
Yet College Graduation Rates
are significantly lower for blacks
than whites
Principle of equality
is a nonconsequentialist principle
Most differences are not biological, but average differences
Up 32% in NY Alone
"Driving While Black"
What factors causes higher
pull-over rate for Blacks?
Hate Crimes - particular attack
against a person based on their
identified group
By Boyfriends
or Husbands
Dowry Deaths Reported: 6,000
Bride Burnings
Violence toward Women
Women & Children
used in some form
of prostitution
unjust to treat people differently in ways that deny
some of the social benefits unless we can show that there is a difference between them that is relevant to that differential treatment
Principle of
So what make
ism's so Wrong
Not just about the real differences
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