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Out-of-state colleges & universities

No description

Loren Singh

on 16 November 2016

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Transcript of Out-of-state colleges & universities

Out-of-state colleges & universities
the college of Idaho
Incoming freshman gpa-3.6
S/t ratio-11:1
acceptance rate-65%
top 3 majors-business,Psychology,and social scieneces
R&B-sem. $5,038 ann. $10,075
average sat/act scores-1140/1070
located in a suburban setting
club that interests me-wmu community
points of interests-biking and hiking trails
impacted majors- fine arts
% of students graduating in 4yrs-depends
student like the international student activities
University of concordia
Incoming freshman gpa- 2.5-3.0
S/t ratio-27:1
acceptance rate-program
top 3 majors-Business,Nursing,and liberal arts
tuition-depends on what type of graduate you are
average sat/act scores-not required
clubs that interest me-art clubs
location in a urban setting
points of interests-the diversity
impacted Majors-Health sciences
% of students graduating in 4yrs-78%
Students like the bilingualism

keele university
Incoming freshman gpa-have to have at least a c in english
S/t ratio-25:1
acceptance rate-depends
top 3 majors-life sciences,mathematics,and computer science
average sat/act scores-not required
located in a suburban setting
club that interest me-Shop
points of interests-affordability and SHops
impacted majors-medicine
% of students graduating in 4 yrs-97.5%
students like how it's in the center of the city
FINished slide
These 3 schools are really Great hoped you all like it.
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