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Web3.0 semantic web

No description

sayed fathey

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of Web3.0 semantic web

Web 3.0
The Semantic Web This is really what the semantic web is all about ... Today's web is about documents as The semantic web is about things It can understands the relationship between things. RDF
hcards, vcards
& more.... Options just close your eyes and dream Applications tim berners-lee.. (2003) Web 3.0 Web 3.0
Semantic Web
Applications Agenda ? is a system of interlinked The Web accessed via the documents internet Web browsers use HTTP to communicate with web servers You can use hyperlinks to navigate between pages People can easily access any of web documents This is the largest source of information ever Web 1.0 read, Ajax social networks blogs wikis tags RSS frameworks Mobility CSS 3.0 HTML 5.0 This is the Read, Write Web Web pages are written in HTML
HTML describes the structure of the information
HTML describes the syntax not the semantics Every language has its own syntax and semantics Syntax is the study of grammar Semantics is the study of meaning Syntax is how to say something Semantics is the meaning behind what you say x += y
x = x + y If computers can understand the meaning behind information ... They can learn what we are interested in and help us better to find what we want. Web3.0 It can recognize people, places, events, companies, products, movies, etc. HOW ?? doctor, window, RFID,... Thanks ?? questions Sayed Fathy semantic web is not a separate web, but an extension of the current one. Summery Resources wikipedia
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