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ERP Campus Forum

No description

Angela Neria

on 15 May 2015

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Transcript of ERP Campus Forum

lanning System



On site demo's
Site Visits
Reviewing Processes and RFP's from other institutions
Documenting Univ processes
Development and release of an RFP
Development of a Communication Plan
ERP's integrate internal and external organizational information. The primary purpose of an ERP is to facilitate the flow of information between both internal and external stakeholders of an organization.
Non-Industry standard
Lack of Security
Lack of Trained Hiring pool
circa 1985
Q: What's been done so far?
How has the search process worked so far?
A comprehensive RFP was created based on this input
Q: What systems are being replaced?
There will be two search and implementation phases:

Phase I: Hr/Payroll and Finance (we are in this phase)
Phase II: Student iNfo System
Q: Are we buying one system to replace our current ERP?
A: It could be one, or more.
The decision will be based on how well a system fits the needs specified in the RFP for HR/Payroll, Finance, and Student Services.
It may be that we need 2 systems that talk to each other. This is called a best-of-breed solution.
We will depend upon our data results to help direct us with such a decision.
Who is Involved in this project? Introductions.
What is an ERP?
Why are we searching for a new one for our campus?
How does the process for selecting the product(s) work?
What is the timeline for this project?
What does our HR/Payroll and Finance Systems consist of now?
How will this project impact campus?
Overview of HRS & Business Office Steps to Prepare for Project
Will this fix every issue that we face?
will it be difficult?
Will there be support?
How will this impact Campus?
Business Processes
HRS Topics – Performance Reviews
HRS Topics – Benefits
New Employee Orientation
Employee Departures
HRS Topics – Recruitment, On-Boarding & Off-Boarding
HRS Topics – Electronic Appoint Process
Annual Operating Budget
Unclassified Salaries
HRS Topics – Compensation & Budget
HRS Topics – Time & Attendance
HRS Topics – Time & Attendance
HRS Topics - Payroll
HRS Topics
GUS Information
Financial Reporting - Departmental
Travel Request Process (T Form)
Travel & Expense Reimbursement
Notification & Communication
Information available to you
Expenditures/Accounts Payable
Financial Reporting - Departmental
Travel Expense Reimbursement
Travel & Expense Reimbursement
Financial Reporting - Departmental

Attend Demos and Stay Informed:
The RFP:
Has over 3,000 features
Requires vendor feedback via an electronic system called Decision Director
Will aid us in selecting finalists to visit campus and Demo'ing their products

RFP's Completed by Oct 15, 2013
Finalists Will Demo on campus NoV-Dec
A recommendation To Pres Council Jan of 2014
Project Team:
Angela Neria, Chief Information Officer
Michele Sexton, Director of Budget & Human Resource Services
Barbara Winter, PSU Controller
Bill Ivy, Associate Vice President, Enrollment Management & Student Services
Jeff Burns, Assistant Director of Development and Implementation, OIS
Barbara Herbert, Assistant Director of Projects and Process Management, OIS
Robin Lemons, IT Administration Coordinator, OIS
Subject Matter Expert Stakeholders:
Human Resource Services, Payroll & Budget:
Debbie Amershek
Kayla Devereaux
Sara Bueltel
Lauren Werner
Diane Letner

Controller's Office:
Jamie Compton
Misty Button
Kim Wilson
Teresa Kolarik
Christina Davis
Don Hartshorn
Rachel Cameron
Lynne Merando
Marilyn Bournonville
Lyndy Little
Karen Thompson

Jim Hughes
Joe Ensch
Mark Darker
Shari Saia

Information Services
Jon Cooper
John Kuefler
Chad Kuehn
Scott Parish
Tim Pearson
Becky Qualls
Kathy Sanley
Jeff Schooley
Eric Springer
Theresa Vaughan
Larry Weaver
Kevin Williams
Amanda Williams
Tennyson Williams
Campus Stakeholders:
Hazel Coltharp, Math
Tim Thomas, Engineering Tech
Lori Hall, College of Technology
Kylie Edgecomb, College of Technology
Carrol Bell, Teaching & Leadership
Chris Spera, Psychology & Counseling
John Oppliger, Health, Human Performance & Rec
Melinda Roelfs, Admission
Tammy Higgins, Student Financial Assistance
Brian Peery, Graduate & Continuing Studies
Mary Scimeca, Accounting
Paul Grimes, Kelce College of Business
Eric Harris, Management & Marketing
Betty Geier, Axe Library
Tom Westhoff, University Housing

Barbara Barto, Student Center
Karen Kirk, Student Health Center
Mark Barnes, Building Trades
Kristine Burdette, Custodial & General Services
Lacie Anderson, Athletics
Sharese Moser, Facilities Planning
La Donna Flynn, Internal Audit
Kristi Toeller, President’s Office
Cindy Johnson, Equal Opportunity
Becky Krause, Information Systems
Nathaniel Shaw, Information Systems
Sara Riddle, Business & Technology Institute
Missi Kelly, KRPS
Shari Brogan, Advancement Services
Kim Hull, Student Employment
Sonya Bhakta, Graduate Council
Tadd Lucian, Student Government
Over 60 Campus Stakeholders & Subject Matter Experts
(complete list at http://www.pittstate.edu/info/erp/)
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