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Time Management: Key to your Success

The skill of time management is crucial to succeeding in college.

Monica Gomez

on 30 August 2016

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Transcript of Time Management: Key to your Success

Time Management: the key to your success
Strategies for Managing your time
Create a daily, weekly,or monthly schedule of all activities
Assess and plan your work load each week
Evaluate your schedule every week
Be flexible!
Make a To Do list- Use it!
Prioritize the list- ABC method, Franklin Covey method
This plan will help you organize your materials and give you time to review for an exam
This is a great goal setting tool
Plan your time efficiently
Create a Study Schedule
College students and professors agree that time management is the #1 barrier to succeeding in college!
Points to Ponder
Commuter students are more likely to have time management difficulties- why?
Difficulty organizing time
Inability to say NO
Time Wasters
What are some of your time wasters?

Use one schedule for all activities
Create a master schedule with due dates of homework, tests, papers and other projects
Set clear boundaries
Demonstrate your commitment to your academics
Don't be Afraid to say NO
Do you have poor time management skills?
Are you constantly rushing around?
Are you frequently late?
Do you procrastinate?
Do you have a hard time setting and achieving goals?
Do you find yourself being more impatient?

what topics do you need to review?
remember to include textbook readings, homework, lecture notes,and anything else covered in class
Step 1 Set Specific Goals:
Step 2: Set specific target date & time
Create a list of days and times when you plan to study
Days 1-4 will be study sessions
Day 5 will be a review day
Step 3: Identify Steps
Gather materials
Group study materials into categories to make studying easier (ex. chapters)
Create a plan for how you will review information
Review chapter summary
Review class and textbook notes
Review homework
Create summary notes to review each chapter
chapter outlines, flashcards, charts,list of what you need to remember!
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