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Sales Presentation

No description

Terry Logan

on 6 August 2010

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Transcript of Sales Presentation

The Show 1). How To Prepare Objectives of your sales pitch To prove your solutions work.
To benchmark against competitors
To resolve any hidden issues the prospect may have.
The unexpected questions Questions = Opportunities.
Opportunities = Better understanding of prospect's problem(s).
Better understanding = Chance to show how you can solve the problem.
Room set up Where Should You Be?
Where Should the Sales Engineer Be?
Where should the customers be?
2). How to Deliver Understand you are a problem-solver The importance of your role
Help Gather Information
Setting a positive brand for the company
Answer Questions Technical
Question – Confirm – Answer – Confirm
Understanding the prospect
(B2B Audience)
Who Is In The Room
How technical are they (be careful with your terminologies)
No one gets frustrated if you talk slightly below their level of understanding, but will if you go over their level.
Identify the decision-maker and their influencers. Pay attention to non-verbal communication. Such as does the decision-maker keep eye contact with someone?
Why do people ask questions? They Want To Know The Answer
They Want To Know If You Know The Answer
They Want To Show Someone How Smart They Are
During Delivery Focus On Benefits Not Features

Tell – Show – Tell

Ask Questions
Do you understand ?
Can you see the benefit?

Maintain Control
Understand the question before you answer it
Answer questions in a way that is relevant to the audience

Build Credibility
If you don’t know, say so
Write down any unanswered questions then respond later

Do not “knock” the competition
Be careful with competitive knowledge
Do not introduce a competitor unnecessarily
The more credible you are the more the audience will believe in the software
Objection Handling An objection is an opportunity to show your benefits
Understand the objection
Stay calm
Stay in Control
Stay credible / Establish credibility
3). How to Develop Debrief Make sure you debrief after a Sales Presentation to look at
How you can improve
How you can better work as a team - if more than one person
No one is perfect there is always something you could do better next time
3 Steps to Pre-Sales are... (B2C Audience)
If you have performed a Prizm analysis then you have key understanding of the prospect.
If you do not have a Prizm then ask some questions to learn about who they are. Develop questions that are pertinent to what you are selling.
Make the presentation more of a conversation to provide you more time. No one likes to sit or stand through a long presentation, yet a conversation may last longer
If they do not buy today, then you need to ensure they fully understand the differences of you and your competition. They need to be fully educated. For B2B & B2C B2B Audience Next Up? Anatomy of a Sale
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