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Digital Imaging Project

A look at my developing ideas throughout the project and how i got to my final image.

kieron scott

on 25 February 2012

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Transcript of Digital Imaging Project

Locations Here is a colection of photos which i took at the start of this coursework. I had a good idea from the start of where i wanted to use but these are some other posabilities. This was the final panorama which i chose. It is the Entrance to the old Stockbridge market. I Thought it was an interesting location with lots of character and a hint of mistery. All my images were shot on my Fujifilm Finepix S1500. This camera is not an SLR but a Bridge however i think it does the job fine. Final Panorama The Camera This is an image that i seriously considerd using i like how it portrays new and old architecture in the city. This is Fettes Collage which is just at short walk from my flat. It is an interesting building however i didnt feel it was apropriate fo my theme. Ideas & Influences He are a number of items which showcase how i arived at my final theme and some of the media which influenced my choice. My final theme was greatly influenced by cinema. Films such as "I am legend" and "The Road" which portray a dark future and a lonley excistance for man kind in the future were very influentual in my final theme. The video game "Fallout 3" was another great influence on my work. It explores a world after a nuclear holocost and the lives of the mutated survivors. Games Films Techniques Here are some techniques which i considered and practiced before using in my final image. Textures & Vanishing Points This is a picture i took of my flat. I used the vanishing point filter to map a texture on the road and used filters to aply textures to the walls. These techniques feature alot in my final image. Let it Snow I wanted to add a weather condition to my image to give it an added element of depth. One which i considerd was snow however i later changed this for rain. I folowed an online tutorial and this was the result. Other Techneques As well as the techneques shown i also used Adjustment Layers, Transform, Selection tools and many more of the wide range of features Photoshop CS4 has to offer. Final Theme Here i will tell u a bit about the imagined history of my final image. Step By Step This is a step by step guide to how i created my final image. The Story My final theme is set in the not too distant future. Nuclier war has broken out between America and Russia. Scotland is in the middle of a cival war comunist revolutionaries are batteling to overthrow the government. The city has been ravished by criminals and vandals and the streets are no longer safe. In the Picture I have tryed to capture my imagined future as best i can in the final image. The buildings look worn and neglected where families have fled. Pavements and roads are over grown and windows are smashed and boarded. A lone soldier braves the hostile streets where a chalk outline marks the scene of a grousome murder. Birds fly over head in the nuclier sky where rain has started to fall. This is my initial panorama after i used the photomerge feature in photoshop. I next added ware to the buildings using the burn tool. and used the vanishing point filter to overlay the textures to the pavement and road as well as the grafti and the body outline. I used clone stamp to remove the bike on the left and the lasso tool to break the windows. I then imported the textures and for the tree walls. i changed there blending mode to overlay and erased the bits which i did not want. I added grass using the brush tool and imported objects such as the window covers. Final Image Initial Panorama I continued to add objects like the train, flag and barbed wire. I imported an image of the sky and changed the saturation before finaly adding the rain and the soldier. DIGITAL IMAGING Kieron Scott 08003493 A Not Too Distant Future
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